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15 Keys to Church Health: Prophetic Vision

15 Keys to Church Health: Prophetic Vision October 2, 2022Leave a comment
Prophetic Vision

What is a church vision? It is a prophetic vision that articulates the future of the church.

This post is part of a series looking at the five essential components of organisationally healthy churches. The posts are:

  1. Apostolic Mission
  2. Prophetic Vision
  3. Intentional Culture
  4. Organic Structure
  5. Dynamic Strategy

What is Prophetic Vision?

The Prophetic Vision defines the destination and direction for the church to move towards. It is the God-spoken future for the church and the ultimate goal for success. It answers the question ‘where is the church going?’

Jesus builds the church, which must have both a universal church and a local church application. He appoints leaders and gives gifts to people, so there is a partnership involved but we are very much the junior partners. Jesus is passionate about His body, His bride, so it makes sense that He has thoughts, feelings and things He wants to say! He makes these known through things like prophetic words to the corporate church or to the leaders, or through internal stirrings and leading to the hearts of key people. These leadings, dreams and prophetic statements about the future are meant to guide church leaders in the journey of leading a church. Better to steer towards God’s ideas than good ideas, because whilst we will definitely need faith, we can be confident that God will provide whatever resources are needed to see His plans come to fruition.

All churches have a prophetic purpose to represent the heart of God, and a healthy church has a church vision that puts language to this, articulating and inspiring by painting a picture of what success will look like. Vision is meant to captivate, inspire and illuminate. It wins hearts and turns heads. Therefore, to first discover your church vision we need to consider the apostolic mission and the prophetic words, whether internal or external, and see what God is saying.

Why is Prophetic Vision important?

It brings clarity to the long-term destination that God is leading the church, helping leaders make decisions today.

What does healthy Prophetic Vision bring to a church?

  1. Prophetic Vision paints a picture of what a successful apostolic mission looks like.
  2. A healthy Prophetic Vision clarifies the cultures that must be non-negotiable.
  3. Prophetic Vision guides the selection and development of the right people and programs for success.
  4. Having a clear Prophetic Vision enables the setting of wise goals, targets and objectives that align with it.

What happens if Prophetic Vision is lacking?

There could mean there is no target to aim for, or defining picture of what success looks like.

Another risk from lack is that there can be organisational drift and leadership that comes from a place of reaction, rather than intention.

There could be disunity and confusion because of an unclear or non-existent guiding picture.

What helps develop Prophetic Vision?

  • Major prophetic words over the church being stewarded and strategised
  • The church direction and destination being influenced by the church’s mission
  • Articulation through a church vision statement that is:
    • written in the future tense;
    • a ‘going’ statement;
    • jargon-free – understandable to a non-believer;
    • begins ‘we will see’ or ‘we will be’;
    • is not a strategy statement that lists methods or steps.
  • A vision that is kept ‘front and centre’ in all aspects of church life.

Key Questions

How healthy is the Prophetic Vision of your church?

Is it prophetic, as in, tuned into what God has spoken about your church and what He wants to do in and through it?

Is it visional, as in, it looks forwards and imagines an inspirational and successful God-dreamed future?

What Next?

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