15 Keys to Church Health: Training Environment

15 Keys to Church Health: Training Environment November 12, 2018
Teaching Culture

This post is part of the series on 15 Keys to Church Health. This key is one of the Five Aspects of Spiritually Healthy Churches.

A healthy church has a teaching culture that creates a Training Environment. This leads to a mentality that seeks to train people in Truth.

What is a Training Environment?

We can define a Training Environment as a teaching ministry focusing on ‘communicating biblical truth through teaching and training to see transformation’.

This covers the role of teaching and preaching, both in larger corporate settings and additional classes, courses, and workshops. It is focused on creating a teaching culture that ensures people grow in their knowledge, understanding, application and passion for the scriptures.

Why is a Training Environment important?

It brings right understanding and application of the scriptures to help the church spiritually mature.

What does a healthy Training Environment bring to a church?

  1. A Training Environment conveys the scriptural weight of the apostolic focus.
  2. A Training Environment supports the prophetic by bringing biblical weight to revelation.
  3. A Training Environment unpacks the depth of the gospel.
  4. A Training Environment equips the pastors with truths needed in their role.

What happens if a Training Environment is lacking?

The church becomes a teaching and preaching centre, pulpit-focused and doctrine-centered. There is a strength in theology but weakness in practice, which can foster theological pride and legalism. Alternatively, the church can become a place of experientialism, or vulnerable to deceptive doctrine.

What helps develop a Training Environment?

  • Sermon series unpacking themes, preaching the whole counsel of God.
  • Practical teaching that focuses on life in the Spirit.
  • Accessible preaching that is clear and engaging.
  • Practical training workshops, classes and courses available to complement Sunday sermons.
  • Teaching that isn’t academic in presentation or content, yet still carries depth.

How healthy is the Training Environment of your church? Is it training people, as in, equipping them not just with knowledge but also practical application as well? Is it an environment, as in, a normal part of church life and experience as opposed to a minor focus? To discover the health of your Training Environment, as well as the other keys to church health, contact me today.

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