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“Inspiring, empowering and entertaining”

“Anthony carries valuable messages about leadership that comes from high-level practical experience combined with insightful principles. He teaches on numerous topics that enhance experienced leaders and provides foundational truths and insights for developing leaders. I find Anthony inspiring, empowering and entertaining, and highly recommend him.”

Galen Gingerich
New Horizons Church, McMinnville, OR, USA

“Helped me to be clear about where I was heading”

“Anthony’s service is incredibly important. He helped me to be clear about where I was heading and to put in plans to make that happen. His friendly but challenging style was wonderful to work with and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him to anyone looking to sharpen their focus or achieve goals.”

Marcellus Edmonds
King's Church, Heathfield, UK

“We are less encumbered and able to fulfil our vision”

Dallas Freeman

Anthony spent some time in our church helping with systems and strategic planning. All of this led to us being less encumbered, and more able to fulfil our vision.

Dallas Freeman
Founding Pastor, Wave Church, Noosa, Australia

“Resonated with him easily and quickly”

“Working with Anthony gave us clarity regarding our current status and position as a church. He used processes, tools, and resources that drew out practical insights, which he used to recommend key steps forward for us to implement to see growth and transformation. Anthony is easy to understand and has a down-to-earth nature. We resonated with him easily and quickly.”

Rob Feeney
Gracepoint Christian Church, Sydney, Australia

“Brought clarity and traction to our world”

“Anthony brought clarity and much-needed traction to our world. He was fun to work with, a good listener, and a responder. He knew what he was doing and communicated well whilst always honouring us, which gave us confidence. Working with Anthony is making us better and he has been the right person at the right time for us.”

Andy Merrick
Hope Church, Glasgow, UK

“We successfully walked through some major transitions”

markus ehrich

“Anthony is a leader of leaders with an anointing to give godly counsel and accurate assessments. He bought clear, focused direction to help us pursue our mission, vision and purpose. His influence helped steer us in the right direction and led to personal growth in all our leaders. I valued his input in my life which was instrumental for our church to successfully walk through some major transitions.”

Markus Ehrich
Word Life Center, Stratford, NJ, USA

“Provided wisdom, safety and structure”

“Anthony guided us through a process and provided wisdom, safety, and structure, helping to facilitate and guide us towards a healthy conclusion. We clearly valued his thought-out and systematic approach. His Leadership Leanings assessment brought real insight to me and my team about our dynamics, gaps, functions, motivations, and interactions.”

Haydon & Alison Murr
The Well Community Church, London, UK

“His training style and interaction is excellent”

“We invited Anthony to share at our retreat and as a church have used his “Panoramic Leadership” teaching and principles on a regular basis since that time. His training style and interaction is excellent.  I highly recommend him.”

Ron Tanaka
Founding Pastor, Ascent Christian Fellowship, Pasadena, CA, USA

“I’ve gained a higher value for the leadership strengths that I do have”

Mark Spybey

“Leadership Leanings has helped me to appreciate a wider perspective on what leadership is and looks like. I’ve gained a better understanding of why I like thinking about certain things, but don’t enjoy others. I’ve gained a higher value for the leadership strengths that I DO have, and this has re-inspired me to be active in these strengths. Ultimately, I have a better understanding of what I’m looking for in a leadership team that I’m part of.”

Mark Spybey

“Takes into consideration things that other assessments do not”

I have taken many leadership style assessments in my life. Leadership Leanings is, by far, the best and most thorough one I have ever taken. Anthony takes into consideration things that other assessments do not. He embraces the tensions that lie in the continuum of personality extremes and does it in a way that could be built upon for a lifetime. His Leadership Leanings tool would be great for businesses, churches, or even families!

Bethany Carson

“Amazed at how quickly he identified our needs”

“Just one day with Anthony will totally revolutionise your thinking as a church leader or leadership team. His understanding of church health, structure and strategic planning were so insightful. I was amazed at how quickly he identified our needs and how he was able to give us both the tools and the understanding that we needed to increase our church health as well as our strength as a leadership team. His Leadership Leanings assessment brought amazing insight into our team dynamics, which are really important to understand – particularly the effect different individuals can have on a team, its culture and ultimately performance.”

Andy Robinson
Lifespring, Horsham, UK

“My leadership team is more focused”

“After meeting with Anthony for one day, my leadership team is more focused and on the same page. We are still assimilating all that we learned but I can honestly say that his consulting is already proving to be invaluable.”

Nancy Boyd
Grace of God, Dinuba, CA, USA

“Insightful, advancing teaching”

“I highly recommend Anthony Hilder to you. He will bless your organisation with insightful, advancing teaching. He is particularly skilled in working with leadership teams to identify and remedy constraints that hinder their church’s health and influence. Anthony is a gift to anyone who works with him!”

Steve Backlund
Bethel Leaders Network, Redding, CA, USA

“Spirit-filled and practical”

ryan carson

“What makes Anthony’s gifting so unique is that he is able to provide so much help with organizational structure and strategic planning that is necessary to run a church organization, but is also so Spirit-filled and practical in what he shares.”

Ryan Carson
Founding Pastor, Mission Community Church, Charlotte, NC, USA

“Critical in seeing breakthrough”

Paul Swearengin

“Anthony has been a truly valuable asset as a consultant to the leadership team and board of directors at The River and as a personal coach to me. Our team is operating together at a higher level than ever and all our church indicators are up – giving, attendance, and joy with one another. The help we received from Anthony was critical in seeing breakthrough to the next level as a church”

Paul Swearengin
Founding Pastor, River Church, Fresno, CA, USA

“His insight was so helpful”

“I was very happy with the way Anthony and the church worked together. His insight was so helpful in what our next important steps were, and his input has helped us with growing the church to the next level.”

Clive Sharpe
The Well Church London, London, UK

“Has a unique perspective”

David Hino

“Anthony has a unique perspective of understanding both the business world and God’s kingdom principles.  We hosted Anthony for a leadership conference, where he demonstrated real prophetic insight, deep Biblical understanding, practical application, and tools for transforming organisational culture.”

David Hino
The Light Christian Fellowship, Signal Hill, CA, USA

“Determined where our structure and strategy needed adjustment”

“Anthony has a unique perspective in providing churches counsel as to their church health. Not only does he have very comprehensive insight and diagnostic tools to accurately assess current situations, but he also incorporates wisdom and understanding into situations. Anthony helped us determine where our organizational structure and strategy needed adjustments. His services have proven invaluable to us, and I highly recommend his services to help bring health into your church.”

Tammie White
Life Center Church, New York, NY, USA

“Incredibly insightful for both me and my team”

“The Leadership Leaning assessment was incredibly insightful for both me and my team. I understand my leadership wiring in a new and deeper way, which will help me be more effective in my role. My entire leadership team also took the assessment and it clarified for us the strengths and weaknesses of our team – both on an individual and collective basis. The findings are going to be instrumental in helping us develop our leadership culture which is only going to benefit the church”

Jide Lawore
Agape House of Worship, Roselle, New Jersey, USA

“Helped us align our mission, vision, culture, structure and strategy”

“Anthony helped us as a leadership team to think through, reconstruct and align our church mission, vision, culture, structure and strategy. He brought us positive challenges and we all benefited from his time with us.”

Andy Hole
Fusion Church, Morecombe, UK

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