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Aligning your 'who', 'what' and 'how'

Build a structure that focuses your energy and resources in the right direction, undergirding your vision and serving your culture.

Every single day.

The Power of Structure


A healthy structure lends strength and support to your ministry objectives and endeavours


An aligned structure ensures the right priorities are focused on, in the right way


Perpetuate and repeat ministry results with streamlined and dedicated organisation

How the Systems and Structure Review helps

Assess Key Players

Discover leadership competencies, drivers and styles for each

Identify Leadership DNA

Clarify strengths, weaknesses, and roles

leadership styles in the church

Review Systems and Processes

Look under the hood for organisational improvements

church growth and development

Conduct Ministry Assessment

What needs to start, stop, or change?

Maximise Growth Engines

Focus where there is life, grace and energy

Church Growth Engines

Execute Restructure

Plan to align with your vision and culture

Get the structure your church needs to do what it’s called to do, and see what it’s dreaming to see.

“Helped us align our mission, vision, culture, structure and strategy”

“Anthony helped us as a leadership team to think through, reconstruct and align our church mission, vision, culture, structure and strategy. He brought us positive challenges and we all benefited from his time with us.”

Andy Hole
Fusion Church, Morecombe, UK

“Spirit-filled and practical”

ryan carson

“What makes Anthony’s gifting so unique is that he is able to provide so much help with organizational structure and strategic planning that is necessary to run a church organization, but is also so Spirit-filled and practical in what he shares.”

Ryan Carson
Founding Pastor, Mission Community Church, Charlotte, NC, USA


Alongside free church health assessments, here are some resources that may be of interest.

The CultureCast is a podcast providing regular teaching and interviews relevant to the world of church leadership.

church leaders podcast

My Blog is full of articles and teachings unpacking areas applicable to leaders, with practical suggestions.

Church Leadership Blogs

Keys to Church Health is a biblical and practical examination of fifteen core issues facing all churches today.

keys to church growth

Hearing the Heart of Heaven is a workbook around the prophetic gifts, presenting biblical, healthy and practical guidance.

Developing a Personal Prophetic Culture

I help leaders build healthy churches

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