Five Patterns that Steward our Spiritual Growth

Five Patterns that Steward our Spiritual Growth November 29, 2018
Spiritual Disciplines

I recently preached a message at Hope Church Glasgow out of Romans 12:1-13 examining five patterns that can help us steward our spiritual growth.

The key question I was responding to was “what disciplined patterns can we embrace that lead us deeper into the joy of knowing God more?”

I opened by sharing about my history with spiritual disciplines and proposed that good practices practised unhealthily become bad practices. Unfortunately, that is where many people feel they are at with spiritual disciplines. They feel burdened and condemned, rather than joyous and nourished.

Part of this can be traced back to Greek philosophical influenced thinking that has impacted the church over the centuries. In some ways, the false belief that the spiritual surpasses the natural has led to some of us to believe that the only way we can spiritually grow is by working hard and demonstrating our commitment to God through our sacrifice.

Discipline isn’t bad, but if the result of our discipline isn’t righteousness, peace and joy – the nature of the Kingdom as Romans tells us, then we’re doing something wrong. Or rather, going about good things in a bad way

Using Romans 12, I look at five patterns we can embrace, with some alternative ways of viewing them, that might bring liberation to some, or at least freshness to others, in our quest to steward our spiritual growth.

You can listen to or download the message here.

Five Patterns That Steward our Spiritual Growth

  1. Our intimacy impacts our spiritual growth

  2. Our input impacts our spiritual growth

  3. Our influencers impact our spiritual growth

  4. Our output impacts our spiritual growth

  5. Our introspection impacts our spiritual growth