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"We invited Anthony to share at our retreat and have used his "Panoramic Leadership" principles on a regular basis since that time. His training style and interaction is excellent. I highly recommend him."

Ron Tanaka

What Previous Clients Have To Say
Nancy Boyd

"After meeting with Anthony for one day, my team is more focused and on the same page. We are still assimilating all that we learned but I can honestly say that his teaching is already proving to be invaluable."

David Hino

“Anthony has a unique perspective. We hosted Anthony for a leadership workshop, where he demonstrated real insight, deep understanding, practical application, and tools for transforming organisational culture.”

Galen Gingrich

Anthony carries valuable messages about leadership that comes from high-level, practical experience and to insightful principles. He teaches on numerous topics that enhance experienced leaders and provides foundational truths and insights for developing leaders. As one who has been training leaders for 40 years, I find Anthony inspiring, empowering and entertaining. I highly recommend Anthony as a speaker.

Keynotes & Workshops

I can provide speaking services in two different formats – keynotes and workshops.


Keynotes are stand-alone sessions, ideal for conferences, seminars, lectures or teaching sessions. I am entirely comfortable speaking on subjects related to leadership development, personal development, organisational leadership or ministry.


Workshops are a number of consecutive sessions around a single theme, over a one or two day period. Highly interactive and focused, they dig deep into the topic of choice. Popular topics include leadership perspective, strategic planning, and personal and team development.

Organisations are different, and a one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t get you “where you want to be”.  Keynotes and workshops are entirely customisable to fit your schedule, needs and goals.


TO INVITE me, please take two minutes to fill out the application. I will contact you to make sure my speaking is the right fit for your goals.

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