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When something doesn’t seem right in church life, it’s wise to take a moment and assess what’s going on. The conclusions will help you clarify your next steps and empower you to move forwards towards your vision with momentum and passion.

My services will help you on your journey.

Pastoral Coaching

One-to-one leadership coaching, support or input theologically and practically.

Church Consulting

An in-depth assessment of every area and aspect of your church.

Clarify, integrate and align your mission, vision, culture, structure and strategy.

Bespoke Assessment

Customise your own package to assess specific areas in your church.

spiritual assessment

Identify aspects of healthy corporate spirituality your church needs to cultivate.

Church Consulting

A unique plan to move your church forward, tailored to its needs, goals and vision.

Assessment Comparison

Other Services

Mission Statement Development

Clarification and development of your apostolically-derived purpose and call

Systems & Structure Development

Align systems, structure, and processes to maximise their impact

Cultural Development Plan

Respond to areas of culture gap, culture clash and culture shift

Vision Statement Development

Clarify and communicate the long-term journey of the church

Discipleship Pathway Creation

Design a plan for growing disciples across every area of the church

Leadership Pipeline Design

Develop a leadership training process to equip and deploy leaders within the church

Team Development Workshop

Coaching and training to maximise and elevate team performance

Leadership Succession Roadmap

Strategically develop a process for leadership handover

Core Values Development

Identify and articulate missional and visional Core Values

“Incredibly insightful for both me and my team”

“The Leadership Leaning assessment was incredibly insightful for both me and my team. I understand my leadership wiring in a new and deeper way, which will help me be more effective in my role. My entire leadership team also took the assessment and it clarified for us the strengths and weaknesses of our team – both on an individual and collective basis. The findings are going to be instrumental in helping us develop our leadership culture which is only going to benefit the church”

Jide Lawore
Agape House of Worship, Roselle, New Jersey, USA

“Brought clarity and traction to our world”

“Anthony brought clarity and much-needed traction to our world. He was fun to work with, a good listener, and a responder. He knew what he was doing and communicated well whilst always honouring us, which gave us confidence. Working with Anthony is making us better and he has been the right person at the right time for us.”

Andy Merrick
Hope Church, Glasgow, UK


Alongside free church health assessments, here are some resources that may be of interest.

The CultureCast is a podcast providing regular teaching and interviews relevant to the world of church leadership.

church leaders podcast

My Blog is full of articles and teachings unpacking areas applicable to leaders, with practical suggestions.

Church Leadership Blogs

Keys to Church Health is a biblical and practical examination of fifteen core issues facing all churches today.

keys to church growth

Hearing the Heart of Heaven is a workbook around the prophetic gifts, presenting biblical, healthy and practical guidance.

Developing a Personal Prophetic Culture

I help leaders build healthy churches

Working with me will help move your church forward.

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