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15 Keys to Church Health: Encounter Atmosphere

15 Keys to Church Health: Encounter Atmosphere November 12, 2018Leave a comment
Prophetic Culture

A healthy church has a prophetic culture that creates an encounter atmosphere. This generates a mentality that seeks to lead people into experiencing the love and power of God for themselves.

This post is part of a series looking at the five essential components of spiritually healthy churches. The posts are:

  1. Reforming Mindset
  2. Encounter Atmosphere
  3. Outreach Focus
  4. Shepherding Heart
  5. Training Environment

What is an Encounter Atmosphere?

An atmosphere that has been stewarded within the church corporate gatherings – whether large or small – that is focused on God first and foremost. It is a prophetic culture whereby the heart of God is revealed and manifested in such a way that people naturally encounter Him in new and fresh ways, whether they are believers or non-believers. This prophetic ministry could be defined as ‘connecting people to the Presence of God so they see, hear and feel Him for themselves’.

Why is an Encounter Atmosphere important?

In a prophetic culture, believers and non-believers will consistently and frequently encounter God for themselves and are shaped and changed.

What does a healthy Encounter Atmosphere bring to a church?

  1. An Encounter Atmosphere prevents the apostolic from becoming driven, which could result in program or performance-orientated leadership.
  2. An Encounter Atmosphere ensures the preaching of a Gospel of power, not just of words.
  3. An Encounter Atmosphere reconnects the wounded and broken-hearted to the heart of the Father.
  4. An Encounter Atmosphere adds experience to the preaching of the scriptures, ensuring the saints mature in a Spirit-led life.

What happens if an Encounter Atmosphere is lacking?

If there is an over-focus on the prophetic gifts, the church becomes experience-driven and shallow. If the prophetic culture is weak or lacking, the church can become a place of moralism, legalism, intellectualism or activism, without any deep spirituality.

What helps develop an Encounter Atmosphere?

  • Pursuing and seeing increased healings, whether physical, psychological and spiritual
  • Regular demonstrations of the prophetic gifts in small and large corporate meetings
  • Worship times characterised by experiences and encounters with the Presence of God
  • An intercessory team, made up of prophetically wired people who have a heart for prayer, and heart for the church.
  • The influence of at least one fivefold prophet

Key Questions

How healthy is the Encounter Atmosphere of your church?

Is it encounter-led, as in, prioritising first and foremost God, stewarding His presence and responding to His voice?

Is it an atmosphere, as in, a prophetic culture that is normal, which has been created to facilitate Holy Spirit-led experiences and encounters?

What Next?

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I have written a book called ‘Hearing the Heart of Heaven’, which looks at developing your own personal prophetic culture. You can find download a free chapter here.

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