Maximise growth and unleash your best self.
  • Are you clear on the unique purpose you have been created for?
  • Do you know how to move towards your hopes, dreams, and ambitions?
  • Do you know the values and mindsets you need to ensure success?
  • Do you know how to build the framework to support not only the values you need but the dreams you are pursuing?
  • Have you identified and maximized the full capacity of all the resources around you?
  • Do you know the short, medium and long-term goals to aim for as you continue on your journey?

If the answer is ‘no’ to any of these questions, then personal coaching is for you.

Receive personal 1-1 coaching

✔ Articulate your life purpose
✔ Discover and address limitations
✔ Galvanise your focus
✔ Receive a personalized strategic plan for growth

“Personal coaching is for those who know there is more for them, and are ready to take action to see themselves walk in their specific purpose.”

Here’s what to expect:

  • Click the Apply Now button
  • Complete brief application
  • I will review your application and set up a time to hear specific areas you would like help with in your context, and discuss next steps.

PERSONAL COACHING: I have worked with different people from all manner of backgrounds and contexts. This is your opportunity to get the same insights and growth strategies from me, through in-person attention, focused on you and your growth. Coaching sessions will give you an instant insight on areas you need to address, and practical solutions to move forward. You will develop new growth strategies during the sessions and be encouraged to reach a new level. Apply now – a coaching session is not guaranteed. I prioritise two things: your personal growth, and your devotion to be the best you were created to be. How could things be different in your life?

Personal Coaching
"Anthony is a great listener and asks the right questions. He has a simple and effective structure that brings clarity of purpose, vision, and mission. After the first two meetings, I was able to take a closer look at the long list of things I thought I was supposed to be doing and focus my energy on what really matters. He is wise, full of practical insight and not afraid to tell you what you really need to hear"
- Niyi Adereti, Manager

1 | Apply

This is the first step to start the process for Personal Coaching. Apply Now for an online appointment.

2 | Appointment

Appointments are given on a first come, first served basis after the application review, and can be in person, over the phone, or a videocall.

3 | Assess

We will discuss your personal story and use specific tools to assess your unique context, to discover your growth engines.

4 | Analyse

Through coaching sessions, you will receive strategic insights and growth blueprints that are applicable right away.

My experience and proven insight will identify unique growth strategies for your life.

Each personal coaching session is customised for each individual. I understand that not everyone is the same, and this is reflected in my process. I focus on you, learning and understanding your context, so I can provide you with a tailor-made assessment, growth plan, and personalised guidance.

Anthony helped me uncover the questions I needed to ask to reveal what was already inside of me. His process of breaking situations down helped me identify what I needed to focus on empowering me to move forward and see results. I strongly recommend Anthony’s coaching and mentoring.

Julia Graham, Executive Assistant

"Anthony gave me practical tools that I have been implementing everyday that have completely changed my life. He helped me stretch my capacity of what I am able to manage and accomplish therefore, increasing my confidence and hope for my future."

Miriam Melnichuk, Student

My way of thinking changed after being coached by Anthony. We went from identifying goals and areas of growth, to the implementation and execution of plans to make the goals happen. Anthony taught me how to bring my future goals into the now rather than some far off things I may never see. I learned to move forward on my vision from Anthony, and for that, I will always be thankful.

Gabriel Howley, Sales

Anthony has the uncanny ability to see things that cut right to the heart of the issue. In my time with him, he has often said something that has made the way forward very clear without being told what I should do. I admired Anthony's ability to speak frankly and honestly.

Bill Hartley, Pastor


People are different, and a one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t get you “where you want to be”. Through personal coaching, your needs will be assessed and you’ll receive a unique strategy just for you that maps out a way forwards. Apply Now

Personal Coaching Process

My process will give you perspective and equip you with tools so you can move forwards with clarity.

1. Assess Alignment Health

Get a picture of how aligned your life framework is in five areas – your purpose, your direction, your values, your systems and your goals.

2. Assess Contextual Health

Learn how balanced your life is, in ten essential life expressions – global, spiritual, social, emotional, intellectual, financial, recreational, relational, physical, and vocational.

3. Identify Strengths & Weaknesses

See a snapshot of your strongest and weakest areas.

4. Design a Strategic Plan

Be equipped with a strategic plan, enabling you to move forward with momentum.

Coaching with me prepares you to grow, strengthen, confidently articulate your personal mission and vision, create the best fit in terms of culture and infrastructure, and design the strategic steps essential to experience the fullness of your destiny.

I will guide you through key questions and steps critical in evaluation so you can start your growth journey:

✔ Gain perspective
✔ Clarify your unique purpose
✔ Visualize where you need to go
✔ Cultivate essential personal mindsets
✔ Build an infrastructure that supports, and doesn’t overwhelm

✔ Identify your personal strengths
✔ Address personal weaknesses
✔ Maximise momentum for growth
✔ Develop holistically
✔ Receive custom strategic plans


TO START coaching with me, please take two minutes to fill out the application. I will contact you to make sure coaching is the right fit for your goals.

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What change would you most like to see through working with me?

Tell me about your situation, and why you want to see the above change:

How would working with me help you?


What does the coaching process look like, practically?

Together we will consider what coaching areas to focus on. Typically we will begin with an online assessment and move on to an agreed number of regular sessions to discuss and determine steps to be taken. Each session will start with a review, move into strategizing together, and end with an agreement for action. These connections can be conducted via phone, video-call or face-to-face meetings.

What qualifies you to work as a coach?

As well as holding a diploma of Life Coaching, I know the world. I have held a variety of successful leadership roles – paid and unpaid – in small, medium, and large organisations for over twenty years. I understand that successful leaders lead successful teams, and successful teams are made up of successful people. My philosophy is simple: the key role of a leader is to help the people they lead to be successful. This is how I work, and I bring this skill, experience, and knowledge into the coaching role.

Where should I expect to end up?

Transformed. I expect you to have greater focus and momentum, and clear ideas, new energy and deeper understanding of all you need to do to see success.