15 Keys to Church Health: Outreach Focus

15 Keys to Church Health: Outreach Focus November 12, 2018
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This post is part of the series on 15 Keys to Church Health. This key is one of the Five Aspects of Spiritually Healthy Churches.

A healthy church has an evangelistic culture that creates an outreach focus. This leads to a mentality that seeks to present Jesus to those who don’t know Him.

What is Outreach Focus?

A corporate evangelistic culture that creates a passion to reveal King Jesus to those who don’t know Him, through words, works and wonders. The word ‘evangelist’ means ‘herald’, which is someone who makes announcements or proclamations. Kings would have heralds who went out on the road ahead of them, declaring the king’s impending arrival and telling stories of the king’s power, wealth and might. This is the role of the evangelist, telling all who would listen about King Jesus.

Why is an Outreach Focus important?

Conversions happen as non-believers are engaged with outside the walls of the church in a myriad of ways, and see what the God who loves them is really like.

What does a healthy Outreach Focus bring to a church?

  1. An Outreach Focus focuses the apostolic on the first step in bringing about God’s big picture – seeing salvation.
  2. An Outreach Focus prevents the prophetic from embracing spiritual withdrawal or mystical monasticism.
  3. An Outreach Focus helps the pastoral remember there are more sheep!
  4. An Outreach Focus keeps the teachers aware of real-life teaching needs and the importance of teaching the Gospel.

What happens if an Outreach Focus is lacking?

The church becomes either seeker-sensitive or inward-looking and self-serving, resulting in its ministries becoming aimed at serving those already saved.

What helps develop an Outreach Focus?

  • The existence of an evangelistic council.
  • Small groups that are interest-based and geared toward non-believers.
  • Visitor-aware and hospitable Sunday teams, and a quick follow-up process.
  • Regular evangelistic events, teams and programs away from the church building.
  • Service evangelism – discovering the greatest practical or social need of the community and ministering to it.

How healthy is the Outreach Focus of your church? Is it geared towards outreach, as in, looking outside the immediate community of believers you have and deploying resources, time, people and energy to connect with people meaningfully? Is it a focus, as in, part of the long-term thinking of the church as well as a priority in your current thinking and strategy? To discover the health of your Outreach Focus, as well as the other keys to church health, contact me today.

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