Free Business & Organisation Health Assessment


No matter how successful your organisation is, you know there is more available for you. Some areas of organisation life may only need small levels of change, whilst others could need major surgery. The Organisation Health Assessment tool can help you identify those areas.

Are you heading in the direction you know you need to? Do you know how to cultivate the unique organisational mentality needed to see success? Have you identified specific steps to move to the next level?

Free Church Health Assessment


The Organisation Health Assessment is a great way to assess each aspect of your organisation and discover where it’s healthy, and where it needs immediate attention. Every area of our organisation interacts with and affects all others, so dysfunction in one aspect will impact other aspects in subtle yet significant ways.

The Assessment allows you to identify areas you are flourishing in and where you need to focus attention on – to discover where you are and what you must do.


Organisation life is perpetual motion, and we can get caught in a pattern that is reactive instead of proactive. The first step in stepping out of such a pattern is by being proactive and discovering where your organisation really is at today.

Take the Organisation Health Assessment to begin unlocking all the momentum your organisation needs to grow to the next level.

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