15 Keys to Church Health: Member Engagement

15 Keys to Church Health: Member Engagement November 13, 2018
Church Engagement

This post is part of the series on 15 Keys to Church Health. This key is one of the Five Leadership Growth Engines Every Church Needs.

A healthy church has member engagement that helps people become passionate about church life and ministry.

What is Member Engagement?

Member Engagement measures the commitment of members, as shown through their attendance, connection, involvement, serving and giving. It reveals any need for strategies to increase the involvement and buy-in of attendees, and turn them from fringe, to fans, to followers.

Why is Member Engagement important?

The church is people, so it is important for leaders to not only know who is with you, but what that looks like.

What does healthy Member Engagement bring to a church?

  1. Increase in people being discipled, which impacts serving, giving and potential leaders.
  2. More people aware of and taking ownership of the mission, vision and values.
  3. Increased number of people to help serve ministries
  4. Increased number of people willing to take leadership roles

What happens if Member Engagement is lacking?

It could mean the church does not have people excited about the church or its direction, and that there is an apathy or ‘Sunday only’ mentality. A pattern risks developing of declining attendance, serving, or giving.

What helps develop Member Engagement?

  • Ministry feedback consistently involves volunteers, and not just senior leaders and staff.
  • A culture of empowerment, i.e. most ministry opportunities are volunteer-led.
  • Staff and senior leaders are accessible.
  • Leaders proactively seek out ministry initiatives and ideas from members.
  • Six-monthly ‘business meetings’ providing relevant pastoral and financial updates.

How healthy is the Member Engagement of your church? Is it member-focused, as in, there is clear thinking and action focused towards those people who are with you? Is it engaging, as in, informative, exciting and beneficial to your people? To discover the health of your Member Engagement, as well as the other keys to church health, contact me today.

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