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Discover Your Divine Design

People clear on their Divine Design are clear on three things about themselves:

Firstly, their passions and the things important to them – what is in their heart.
Secondly, the abilities and strengths that they excel in –  what is in their hands.
Thirdly, how they think, which shapes how they approach situations and relationships – what is in their head.

Gaining clarity on all three of these areas – our head, our heart and our hands – is an essential step for us to fulfil our potential.

To help you discover your Divine Design, I’ve developed three tools.

What is your assignment?

Putting language to the passions and purpose of your heart is a game changer, giving you the focus and mission you need. The FiveFold Flow Assessment will help you see more about how God has made you, and the desires He has placed within you.

What are your strengths?


You have unique strengths, skills, and traits. But sometimes they lie dormant, unharnessed or neglected. The Strongpoints Assessment will show you your strengths and how they can work together in your life, work, and ministry.

What is your approach to others?

christian personality test

Discover your relational, communication, and leadership style with the Colour Compass Assessment. It will help you identify which of the eight temperaments, you have, as well as give valuable insights into how to get the best from it.

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