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Five Leadership Growth Engines Every Church Needs

Five Leadership Growth Engines Every Church Needs November 13, 2018Leave a comment
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There are many barriers to church growth. Our church Leadership Health is the measure of the church’s leadership in developing five key factors that could be growth engines for the church to overcome these barriers – or potential caps to its development. These keys, if implemented, will also increase the organisational and spiritual health of the church. If they are neglected, growth will be hindered. Leadership Health answers the question ‘how ready are we for success?’

There are 15 keys to church health. Five of those keys encapsulate a church’s leadership health. They are:

Church Growth Engines

Leadership health is the term to describe how these five keys work together and align.

Each key interacts with each other and impacts every level of the church. The defining measure of leadership health is ensuring that five of these keys interconnect, build together and flow in the same direction. Because each of the five leadership keys influences the other four, deliberate and intentional leadership is required to build well. Churches lacking these growth engines are affected in more ways than they realise and unfortunately, it is these churches that become ill-equipped to deal with barriers to their church growth.

Why is Leadership Health important?

It enables leaders to steward what God has given them, identify and proactively address areas of concern, overcome barriers for church growth, and prepare the church for an increase.

What happens if Leadership Health is lacking?

Barriers to the church cap its growth, leading to a feeling of being ‘stuck’. This leads to confusion, disunity, uncertainty and loss of confidence in both the leaders and the congregation. 

Simply put, leadership health is a significant factor in the success of any church. It will help with the overcoming of common barriers to church growth. A simple assessment based on these five elements will identify current issues and allow them to be addressed decisively.

What Next?

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