15 Keys to Church Health: Leadership Effectiveness

15 Keys to Church Health: Leadership Effectiveness November 13, 2018
Effective Church Leadership

This post is part of the series on 15 Keys to Church Health. This key is one of the Five Leadership Growth Engines Every Church Needs.

A healthy church needs leadership effectiveness to lead and manage successfully.

What is Leadership Effectiveness?

Senior and junior leaders are willing and able to deliver the ‘what’, ‘why’ and ‘how’ of ministry. Leadership Effectiveness measures the ability of the church leadership in developing the mission, vision, culture, structure and strategy. This includes the Senior Leader, Senior Leadership Team and Ministry Leaders.

Why is Leadership Effectiveness important?

Effective leadership is essential for ministry success, due to the compound impact of multiple leaders’ gifts, anointings, insights and experience.

What does healthy Leadership Effectiveness bring to a church?

  1. Giftings, anointings and abilities are identified amongst people and released.
  2. Unity in and around the church mission, vision and values.
  3. Individuals are excited about the purpose and activity of the church
  4. Clear priorities are identified and acted upon successfully

What happens if Leadership Effectiveness is lacking?

Leadership across different levels is inconsistent, unclear or ineffective, and the church mission will be less likely to succeed.

What helps develop Leadership Effectiveness?

  • A senior and junior leadership team functioning as biblical elders and deacons, with clear responsibilities and reporting lines.
  • Senior and junior leaders in agreement and buy-in regarding the mission, vision and values.
  • The Senior Leader has the confidence of the team and the church.
  • Performance evaluation and coaching for all leaders, no matter their level.
  • Regular, external input into the senior leadership team and Senior Leader

How healthy is the Leadership Effectiveness of your church? Is there leadership, as in, clear, united, purposeful movement in a consistent direction? Is it effective, as in, seeing increased health and growth in church culture and individuals? To discover the health of your Leadership Effectiveness, as well as the other keys to church health, contact me today.

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