Impact tomorrow. Today.

✔ Gain perspective
✔ Clarify your unique skillset
✔ Visualize where you need to go
✔ Cultivate essential personal mindsets
✔ Build an infrastructure that supports

✔ Identify your leadership strengths
✔ Address leadership weaknesses
✔ Maximise momentum for growth
✔ Develop holistically
✔ Receive custom strategic plans

Anthony's service is incredibly important. He helped me to be clear about where I was heading and to put in plans to make that happen. His friendly but challenging style was wonderful to work with and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him to anyone looking to sharpen their focus or achieve goals.”
- Marcellus Edmonds, Leader

Leadership Coaching Process

My process will give you perspective and equip you with tools so you can move forwards with clarity.

Alignment Health

Get a picture of how strong your leadership framework is, operationally, structurally & strategically.

Contextual Health

Learn how balanced your leadership integrity is, in ten essential areas.

Strengths & Weaknesses

See a snapshot of your strongest and weakest areas.

Strategic Plan

Be equipped with a strategic plan, enabling you to move forward with momentum.

Leadership Coaching


People are different, and a one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t get you “where you want to be”. Through leadership coaching, your personal needs will be assessed and you’ll receive a unique strategy just for you that maps out a way forwards. Apply Now

Leadership coaching with me prepares you to grow, strengthen, create the best fit in terms of personal leadership culture and infrastructure, and design the strategic steps essential to experience the fullness of your leadership skill.


TO START coaching with me, please take two minutes to fill out the application. I will contact you to make sure coaching is the right fit for your goals.

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What change would you most like to see?

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How would working with me help you?


What does the coaching process look like, practically?

Together we will consider what coaching areas to focus on. Typically we will begin with an online assessment and move on to an agreed number of regular sessions to discuss and determine steps to be taken. Each session will start with a review, move into strategizing together, and end with an agreement for action. These connections can be conducted via phone, video-call or face-to-face meetings.

What qualifies you to work as a leadership coach?

As well as holding a diploma of Life Coaching, I know the world of leadership. I have held a variety of successful executive, leadership and management roles – paid and unpaid – in small, medium, and large organisations for over twenty years. I understand that successful leaders lead successful teams, and successful teams are made up of successful people. My philosophy is simple: leaders require a unique combination of skills, knowledge, and attitudes to succeed. These three areas are the focus of the leadership coaching process.

Where should I expect to end up?

Transformed. I expect you to have greater focus and momentum, and clear ideas, new energy and deeper understanding of all you need to do to see success.