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Kingdom Coaching: Powerful and Prophetic Life Coaching

Kingdom Coaching: Powerful and Prophetic Life Coaching May 22, 2019Leave a comment
Spirit led coaching

Kingdom coaching is a form of Christian life coaching that is Holy Spirit led. It is a prophetic life coaching partnership between a coach and client with the goal to see the client grow in an area they want to. Whilst this definition covers life coaching in general, kingdom coaching is different because a third person is involved – the Holy Spirit. Both the coach and client need to have a relationship with the Holy Spirit, and allow Him to lead and steer the coaching journey.

Kingdom Coaching differs from many other Christian life coaching methods as the prophetic certainly shapes the Kingdom Coaching process. The client identifies the vision, dream or calling they want to pursue and work with the coach to develop a strategy to attain it. The coach’s role is to support and empower the client to identify strategic steps that they can take that move them further in growth and closer towards their goals. The coach comes alongside as a support, confidante, motivator and to bring accountability, encouragement and challenge where necessary.

The coach is a combination of a sounding board to process with, and a mirror to measure progression. The coach only supports the vision and goals of the client – they do not impose their dreams, ideas or agendas. In that sense, all accomplishment is the clients and the clients alone. This is also true with any excuses or setbacks!

Ultimately, kingdom coaching is an ongoing partnership between coach, client and Holy Spirit, with an evolving dialogue between the three parties to help achieve desired targets. It is powerful and prophetic life coaching!

A kingdom coaching partnership focuses on three things:

christian life coaching

Kingdom Coaching is Purpose-Led

Christian life coaching can sometimes really be cyclical or non-challenging but Kingdom Coaching is focused on a destination. It requires a clear commitment to a specific dream or vision, and a willingness to determine steps and goals that move forwards towards that vision. Kingdom coaching is purpose-led because it is designed to bring focus and help in achieving an individual’s growth, progress, and development. Because of this, the coaching process will be goal-orientated, generated out of a larger sense of personal mission, and will, unlike therapy, be less likely to be a long-term endeavour.

Purpose has to form the bedrock of any successful coaching process. This is certainly true for Kingdom Coaching, which will encompass one of five elements each of us has in our lives. Whether we are conscious of these elements or not, each shape and impacts the other elements, and therefore influences our life choices and results. Kingdom Coaching walks the client through each of these five elements, build upon the previous elements. This ensures powerful holistic growth. If one element hasn’t been given the appropriate time and assessment or is skipped altogether, the coaching will not bear long-term fruit and any impact will be short-term. Instead, our growth will not be balanced or well-rounded.

The five elements that Kingdom Coaching is primarily concerned about are:

christian life coaching

Purpose is our mission – our reason for existence. Our destination is our vision – what does our dream look like when fully manifested? Values are the mentality we have, which shows itself in our actions and reveals our attitudes, mindsets and beliefs. Our systems are our personal framework of skills and knowledge. Lastly, goals are the strategy, tactics, targets, objectives and plans needed to see success.

We all have these five areas present in our lives, whether we are aware of them or not, or have deliberately shaped them or not. Kingdom coaching considers all of these areas, to ensure the highest possibility of growth opportunities being accessed.

Kingdom Coaching is Present-Focused

Christian life coaching can sometimes be rooted in historial analysis and pain from our past, but Kingdom Coaching is focused on the here and now and identifies opportunities for change in the present that will shape the future. This is why it is prophetic life coaching! Kingdom coaching differs from counselling or inner healing because it does not base itself in the past. It takes both a clients current situation and their envisioned future and helps plot a practical and progressive journey between the two.

The diagram below shows the difference between coaching and other forms of personal development. All have their place and expertise, but all are very different. Kingdom Coaching, in its most authentic and purest form, is asking Spirit-led questions instead of seeking to provide answers, whilst keeping in mind the clients prophetic future in order to identify the best practical strategy needed to bring it about today. The prophetic and life coaching elements dovetail perfectly together.

Five Methods of Personal Development

Kingdom Coaching is Process-Driven

Christian life coaching might be centered around one topic or area, and ‘camp’ around it but Kingdom Coaching is focused on a journey – it is not simply one magic meeting where everything is fixed but is a kickstart to a longer journey. It lays the first steps to success and enables clients to get clarity and therefore make purposeful strategic decisions. Kingdom coaching also empowers them to break through obstacles, and grow into their potential. In order for coaching to be successful, both parties require time and patience for the process to bear fruit, as well as an openness towards each other.

A journey or a process needs to be systematic and thorough, taking things in the correct order. To do this well, Kingdom Coaching is attentive to ‘Panoramic Perspectives’. Panoramic means ‘all-sight’ and communicates seven key questions of perspective that guide us through each stage of the coaching journey. These key questions are:

Christian life coaching questions

These questions are key because they help us identify:

  1. Where we have come from – not because we want to remain there, but it provides context and understanding as to why the present reality may have the shape it does.
  2. What our dreams, goals and aspirations are – what we, in our deepest places, want our lives to look like.
  3. Where we are going – is our current trajectory taking us towards, or away from, our dreams?
  4. Where we are today – we need to acknowledge our reality before we can bring transformation to it.
  5. What we are growing – are our current mindsets and attitudes helping or hindering the pursuit of our goals?
  6. What we are building – do our current skills and knowledge lend themselves to successful attainment of our goals, or do we need to see growth in either?
  7. What our next steps are – goals without actions are just fantasy.

These questions provide a framework for the coach to know what area to be asking questions into. It also brings a natural, logical structure to each session as well the whole overall process. This enables both the coach and client to see where they are on their journey, making it easier to identify and use the best tools.


Each of us is an individual with our own stories, complexities and layers. Kingdom Coaching brings a systematic process to a person to provide a framework for growth, yet has enough flexibility so that it is a truly personalised experience. Christian life coaching can be more ‘pastoral’ without bringing challenge that leads to impetus, but prophetic life coaching allows each of us to focus on our own growth, and with a partner, develop ourselves so we can be the best we can be. It partners the prophetic and strategic together to powerfully bring about change and transformation.

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