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About Keys to Church Health

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What is Keys to Church Health?

Keys to Church Health unpacks each of the three aspects of church health  – organisational health, spiritual health, and leadership health – and examines the related keys to church growth. It offers specific, strategic advice church leaders can follow in identifying and addressing church unhealthiness and increase church health.

Over twenty chapters that combine solid scriptural examples and principles, practical ideas and suggestions for increased church health across multiple areas, and training sections to help church leaders start the process of assessing the the health of their church, Keys to Church Health is a resource that will benefit anyone leading a church.

What are others saying about Keys to Church Health on Amazon?

“I wish I would have had a tool like this when I first started”

“A MUST-READ! Brilliant, practical, and effective. I’ve had the privilege of serving as a senior leader in a successful local church in America for over 3 decades. I could only wish I would have had a tool like this when I first started. The keys Anthony Hilder lays out here are essential for the growth of every local church!”

“Very helpful insights”

“Very helpful insights for leaders. Steps for healthy progress and change are laid out with strength, encouragement, and grace. Recommend to church leaders of all ages and stages.”

What are others saying about the author?

“Provided wisdom, safety and structure”

“Anthony guided us through a process and provided wisdom, safety, and structure, helping to facilitate and guide us towards a healthy conclusion. We clearly valued his thought-out and systematic approach. His Strongpoints assessment brought real insight to me and my team about our strengths, dynamics, gaps, functions, motivations, and interactions.”

Haydon & Alison Murr
The Well Community Church, London, UK

“Critical in seeing breakthrough”

Paul Swearengin

“Anthony has been a truly valuable asset as a consultant to the leadership team and board of directors at The River and as a personal coach to me. Our team is operating together at a higher level than ever and all our church indicators are up – giving, attendance, and joy with one another. The help we received from Anthony was critical in seeing breakthrough to the next level as a church”

Paul Swearengin
Founding Pastor, River Church, Fresno, CA, USA

What does Keys to Church Health say?

Comprised of five sections that examine church health, organisational health, spiritual health, leadership health and increasing your church health, it contains the following chapters:

  1. Church Health - understanding the what and why
  2. Three Aspects of a Healthy Church - understanding the how
  3. Organisational Health - corporate alignment in the purposes of God
  4. Apostolic Mission - knowing your unique call of God 
  5. Prophetic Vision - God's heart for your future
  6. Intentional Culture - crafting your unique DNA 
  7. Organic Structure - building to help and not hinder
  8. Dynamic Strategy - creating and sustaining momentum
  9. Spiritual Health - manifesting the heart of Jesus
  10. Reforming Mindset - impacting the world apostolically
  11. Encounter Atmosphere - creating a prophetic space
  12. Outreach Focus - presenting Jesus to those who don't know Him
  13. Shepherding Heart - caring for the people of God
  14. Training Environment - teaching the truth
  15. Leadership Health - essential growth engines
  16. Discipleship Pathway - developing maturity
  17. Community Clarity - becoming clear on the assignment
  18. Member Engagement - leading a passionate people
  19. Administrative Excellence - managing resources well
  20. Leadership Effectiveness - the right things in the right way
  21. Knowing Where You Are - accurately assessing your church wisely
  22. Moving Forward - smart next steps for increasing church health

How can I get Keys to Church Health?

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