Keys to Church Health

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What is Keys to Church Health?

Keys to Church Health unpacks each of the three aspects of church health and examines the related keys. It offers specific, strategic advice church leaders can follow in identifying and addressing church unhealthiness and increase church health.

What does Keys to Church Health say?

Comprised of five sections that examine church health, organisational health, spiritual health, leadership health and increasing your church health, it contains the following chapters:

  1. What is Church Health?
  2. Three Aspects of a Healthy Church
  3. What is Organisational Health?
  4. What is an Apostolic Mission?
  5. What is a Prophetic Vision?
  6. What is an Intentional Culture?
  7. What is an Organic Structure?
  8. What is a Dynamic Strategy?
  9. What is Spiritual Health?
  10. What is a Reforming Mindset?
  11. What is an Encounter Atmosphere?
  12. What is an Outreach Focus?
  13. What is a Shepherding Heart?
  14. What is a Training Environment?
  15. What is Leadership Health?
  16. What is a Discipleship Pathway?
  17. What is Community Clarity?
  18. What is Member Engagement?
  19. What is Administrative Excellence?
  20. What is Leadership Excellence?
  21. Knowing Where You Are
  22. Moving Forward

How can I get Keys to the Church Health?

You can get it right now at your local Amazon store in paperback and Kindle.

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Will I like Keys to Church Health?

I hope so! But as a taster, here is a link to a chapter of Keys to Church Health which you can have for FREE.

Keys to Church Health: FREE chapter

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