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Harness the God-given strength within your team

Develop a leadership team of the right people, with the right skillset, in the right roles, who are invested in and committed to advancing your vision and serving your culture.

Every single day.

The Power of A Healthy Team


Multiple perceptions and insights add value and bring wisdom into strategic decisions


Increased strength to carry the weight of the work, in times of blessing and times of challenge


Harnessing the right people at the right time ensures focus doesn’t ebb and flow

How the Key Leaders Assessment helps

Identify Team DNA

Discover which drivers shape your team wiring

church leadership styles

Assess Skillsets

Examine your group ability in ten leadership styles

church leadership styles

Learn Your Leadership Lens

What perspectives shape how your team acts?

church leadership styles

Analyse Team Components

Review eight aspects and see your team level

healthy church teams

Align Team Roles & Responsibilities

Do you have the right people, with the right character and gifts, in the right roles?

Elders and Deacons

Execute Restructure

Plan to align with your vision and culture

Get the leadership team your church needs to do what it’s called to do, and see what it’s dreaming to see.

“His training style and interaction is excellent”

“We invited Anthony to share at our retreat and as a church have used his “Panoramic Leadership” teaching and principles on a regular basis since that time. His training style and interaction is excellent.  I highly recommend him.”

Ron Tanaka
Founding Pastor, Ascent Christian Fellowship, Pasadena, CA, USA

“Incredibly insightful for both me and my team”

“The Leadership Leaning assessment was incredibly insightful for both me and my team. I understand my leadership wiring in a new and deeper way, which will help me be more effective in my role. My entire leadership team also took the assessment and it clarified for us the strengths and weaknesses of our team – both on an individual and collective basis. The findings are going to be instrumental in helping us develop our leadership culture which is only going to benefit the church”

Jide Lawore
Agape House of Worship, Roselle, New Jersey, USA


Alongside free church health assessments, here are some resources that may be of interest.

The CultureCast is a podcast providing regular teaching and interviews relevant to the world of church leadership.

church leaders podcast

My Blog is full of articles and teachings unpacking areas applicable to leaders, with practical suggestions.

Church Leadership Blogs

Keys to Church Health is a biblical and practical examination of fifteen core issues facing all churches today.

keys to church growth

Hearing the Heart of Heaven is a workbook around the prophetic gifts, presenting biblical, healthy and practical guidance.

Developing a Personal Prophetic Culture

I help leaders build healthy churches

Working with me will help move your church forward.

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