Hindsight: 10 Steps To Develop A Redemptive Perspective

Hindsight: 10 Steps To Develop A Redemptive Perspective May 18, 20173 Comments

In my previous post, I proposed that hindsight is a powerful perspective that shapes our vision. Depending on what we see and how we see it, our hindsight can be a source of blessing or a source of pain. So how can we develop a redemptive perspective that causes us to see the value in the past, irrespective of what that past is? I want to propose ten steps to help us:

  1. Choose Faith

    Choose to see the past with eyes of faith. The first step in this process is deciding to believe “God, I don’t know how, but you’ll make it all make sense.”

  2. Embrace Forgiveness

    Forgiveness may be needed. Others who have hurt you will need releasing from the debt that hurt demands. We might even need to practice self-forgiveness for actions or decisions we ourselves made.

  3. Look For Signs of Grace

    Ask God to show you what He has taught you, or how He has shaped you through events. Accept it, and determine to partner with and utilise the lessons. Own them!

  4. Practice Thanksgiving

    Come to a place of thanksgiving, where you can genuinely say ‘God, I thank you that it happened to me – but I don’t ever want to go through it again!’ This mindset is a sign that healing is nearly at an end.

  5. Honor Process

    Understand it is OK to be in process; you don’t have to move forwards before you are ready. Overall, we are all works in progress anyway. The key is this: are you seeking to progress? Or are you choosing to remain in the place of pain?

  6. Accept Mystery

    There may be much that isn’t clear. Rest in the mystery of what you don’t know and be OK with it!

  7. Repent

    Repent of patterns that are born of pain, fear or hopelessness. Remember, ‘repent’ means to change our thinking.

  8. Renew Your Mind

    Seek inner healing and renewal of the mind if you are at that place in the journey. This is nearly always done most effectively through a community, because things are brought out into the light with the insight of others as they get to share different perspectives with us.

  9. Follow God

    Keep close to the God whose power and love is greater than the past.

  10. Remember Testimonies

    Consider testimonies and victories in your life. Look for commonalities. If you see there are themes and threads, ask God about them. There could be ministry keys and anointings there waiting to be embraced….

Are there any more steps you’ve found helpful in developing a redemptive perspective?


  1. Just want to add focusing on the great hopeful future in God.

    “The enemy does not care about your past, but is terrified of your future”- Kris V.

    “A person without a vision is a person without a future, a person without a future will always return to their past.”- Danny Silk

    I think the past is overrated. Choose to focus on the future in God. –

    Nice work, blessings, Anthony.

    – Jason

  2. Thanks Jason, that’s a good point. I’d respond by saying that whilst I don’t disagree with you, the key question is ‘how do you develop hope?’ These steps in developing a redemptive perspective will each cultivate hope in people, which leads us to the best place possible.

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