Hearing the Heart of Heaven

What is Hearing the Heart of Heaven?

Hearing the Heart of Heaven is an exploration of the Biblical prophetic gifts. Full of accessible teaching, practical tips and helpful examples, this book will help you develop your own personal prophetic culture.

What are others saying about Hearing the Heart of Heaven?

Paul Manwaring

“Through Hearing the Heart of Heaven, Anthony has created a set of interactive lenses which are invaluable for anyone wanting to increase their capacity to hear heaven’s voice.

Paul Manwaring
Senior Leadership Team, Bethel Church, Redding

Hearing the Heart of Heaven is a book on cultivating a prophetic culture that is practical, informed and no-nonsense. It understands that the prophetic is a wild, exciting gift too fun, too biblically rooted and too real to be left just to sentimentalists, dry academics or crazy charismatics.”

Dr Stephen Backhouse
Dean of Theology for Local Church, Westminster Theology Centre

“The insights, practical responses and witty observations within Hearing the Heart of Heaven will help accelerate anyone on their journey in learning to hear God’s voice clearly. Pastors, leaders and new Christians alike should make this book a part of their spiritual formation in hearing God speak.”

Julian Adams
International Prophetic Minister, Director of Frequentsee and Author of ‘Kiss of the Father’

This book de-mystifies the gift and brings practical and realistic application throughout. If you are someone desiring the gift of prophecy, if you want to grow and mature in this gift, if you are a leader hungry for more of the presence of God, and you want to hear the heart of heaven for your church and city then let me, without hesitation, recommend Hearing the Heart of Heaven, and its author, to you.”

Andy Robinson
Senior Leader, Kings Church Horsham

What does Hearing the Heart of Heaven say?

Comprised of three sections that examine prophetic definition, prophetic structure and prophetic character, it contains the following chapters:

  1. Divine Testimony – prophecy and its purpose.
  2. Covenants & Kings – prophecy in the Old and New Testaments.
  3. Healthy Prophets – recognising an authentic prophet.
  4. Spiritual Mechanics – partnering with a prophetic spirit.
  5. Finding the Right Frequency – how revelation works.
  6. Holy Writ – engaging with the Bible prophetically.
  7. Heavenly Spectacles – how God uses our eyes.
  8. Works Like A Dream – dreams and dream interpretation.
  9. God Whispers – how God uses our ears.
  10. Sense & Sensitivity – how God uses our senses.
  11. Avoiding Crossed Wires – interpreting prophetic symbols.
  12. Joining the Dots – four principles for interpreting revelation.
  13. Speaking the King’s English – the ABCDE of prophetic delivery.
  14. Prophetic Gateways – five gateways for shaping the words we speak.
  15. Trying & Testing – four keys to hearing prophetic words well.
  16. Setting the Scales – seven scales to weigh prophecy.
  17. Response Ability – how to act on words from God.
  18. Wounds & Lies – why our inner health matters.
  19. Getting in Character – why character is king.
  20. Six Snares – six character flaws that will shipwreck us.
  21. Keeping the River Clean – four prophetic pollutants to guard against.
  22. Growth Engines – six simple ways to practically grow our gifting.

How can I get Hearing the Heart of Heaven?

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Will I like Hearing the Heart of Heaven?

I hope so! But as a taster, here is a link to the first chapter of Hearing the Heart of Heaven which you can have for FREE.

Hearing the Heart of Heaven: Divine Testimony

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