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How healthy is your church?

free church health assessment

Where is your church really at? Need a health check? Take a free church health assessment to find out.

Use these FREE tools to discover how healthy your church is across multiple areas, with recommendations for next steps to take.

Regardless of uniqueness, every church has challenges that impact its church health. Each free church health assessment shown here will give you a clear outline to clarify where your church is at today and determine what your next steps are towards increasing your overall church health.

church health check

The most thorough free church health assessment. Take a Church Health Check to see the current level of health of your church, and recommendations for what to do next. Start here, then move on to my other assessments.

Other Assessments

These free church assessments focus on specific areas of your church

The Church Alignment Assessment will analyse your church and show you its current organisational alignment and health level.

church health assessment test

The Fivefold Health Check will review your church culture and show you the current level of spiritual health present within your church.

church culture assessment

The Church Development Assessment will show you which aspect of organisational health your church most needs focus on.

Church health assessment

The Fivefold Development Assessment will show you which of the fivefold ministries you need to prioritise in your next season.

five fold ministry assessment


Alongside a free church health assessment, here are some resources that may be of interest.

The CultureCast is a podcast providing regular teaching and interviews relevant to the world of church leadership.

church leaders podcast

My Blog is full of articles and teachings unpacking areas applicable to leaders, with practical suggestions.

Church Leadership Blogs

Keys to Church Health is a biblical and practical examination of fifteen core issues facing all churches today.

keys to church growth

Hearing the Heart of Heaven is a workbook around the prophetic gifts, presenting biblical, healthy and practical guidance.

Developing a Personal Prophetic Culture
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