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Fivefold Development Assessment

five fold ministry assessment

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The Ephesians 4 ministries shows us what healthy and vibrant spiritual culture should look like in a church. The Fivefold Development Assessment is a five fold ministry assessment that will help you identify which of these fivefold cultures your church needs to next focus on and develop to ensure it is a church that is flourishing.

Taking the Fivefold Development Assessment will give you an objective and unbiased picture of your church’s development need, which is a great acid test of your overall church health.

Take ten minutes and answer 25 questions about your church, especially around aspects of your apostolic, prophetic, evangelistic, pastoral and teaching cultures. You’ll learn which area of your church’s spiritual life needs focusing on and prioritising. This information will guide you into what to do next and enable you to have conversations with key leaders in your church to make informed decisions and gain clarity on the right way forward.

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Where is your church really at? Need a health check? Take a free five fold ministry assessment to find out. Use these FREE tools to discover how healthy your church is across multiple areas, with recommendations for next steps to take. Regardless of uniqueness, every church has challenges that impact its church health. Each free 5 fold ministry assessment shown here will give you a clear outline to clarify where your church is at today and determine what your next steps are towards increasing your overall church health in the 5 fold ministry.

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