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Answers to common questions

Why should we begin coaching or consulting with you?

We all have limitations – whether that is the level of our skill, knowledge or experience. I serve as a mirror, a sounding board and an encourager to help you push past your limitations by lending my skill, knowledge and experience to your leadership situation.

Leadership is future-orientated; it looks to tomorrow. To shape tomorrow, you need to shape today. That means understanding the reality of today. My coaching and consulting services will help you uncover all that you need to know about your current situation, so you can make wise leadership decisions for maximum impact.

What is unique about you compared to other church consultants and coaches?

Many church consulting methods only deal with visible challenges – what is seen – instead of identifying and addressing the real root issues – the unseen. Failing to deal with unseen roots won’t deal with the challenges effectively. It’s short-term thinking, instead of long-term building.

In addition, many church consulting methods are adapted business development practices. They can be process-led and goal-orientated without due consideration of apostolic purpose, prophetic vision or spiritual seasons that God leads churches out of, through, and into.

My approach to church consulting is different. My practice is to discover and address unseen issues, and ensure the spiritual life of the church is impacted as much as the organisational aspect.

Partnering the prophetic and the strategic is key in effective consulting – one without the other is flawed.

What kind of churches have you worked with before?

I’ve worked with churches of different sizes, denominations, networks and locations. Church theology or size are not barriers to my process and working style. You can read testimonials from previous clients to get an idea of what I bring to a partnership.

Where do you work?

Geographically, I have served churches in the UK, Europe, the United States, South Africa and Australia. I have coached leaders from many more. Because all of my services are available virtually, geography is not an obstacle to partnering with me.

What is your approach?

I offer a strategic plan shaped by the Holy Spirit and data.
My approach to church consultancy is holistic, in the sense that it examines both the business aspects of a church, and the spiritual aspects. Many other consultancy approaches favour one more than the other, but a good strategic plan needs to be both prophetic and strategic –
spiritually visionary and practical in application. My business and church leadership background brings both of these elements together.

I offer team development that sees individuals and teams flourish.
Team development can mean two things. Firstly, it could refer to developing the staff and volunteers you already have in place. My background in the coaching and training industry gives me the skills to identify training needs and create personal strategies for individuals to grow in character and skill. Secondly, team development can mean developing and changing who you have on your team as your church grows and changes in line with what God does in different seasons. My experience as a C.O.O. and in business has given me the skills to facilitate staffing and structural reviews.

I offer long-term thinking geared towards authentic, lasting and sustainable change.
Many consultancy approaches involve intense site visits and workshops to complete a lot of work in a short space of time, followed by periodic ‘check-ins’. I don’t believe that is necessarily the only way to help churches implement and walk through church-shifting strategic plans. I believe regular and consistent communication and dialogue over the course of the process is much healthier and more effective. This partnership approach allows for easy accessibility for questions and accountability to help momentum be maintained. The reality of church life is that things change as God moves and life happens. Having the consultant available allows for strategic adjustments, preventing any feeling from the church of abandonment or ‘we’re on our own’, and maps out a journey that facilitates long-term transformation.

I offer effective solutions that benefit the church holistically now and in years to come.
Sometimes, consultancy approaches focus on the business, structure and system aspects of church life. Even if we have the best church staff and structure in the world, a dysfunctional or unaligned church culture will work against it and neutralise any benefits the staff and structure would add. It is relatively straightforward to change a structure, but that isn’t always the solution that is required. Developing a culture that truly facilitates our vision is essential, but it also requires more time and commitment. Our structure must serve our culture and vision, and not be served by them. My approach prioritises cultural development over structural development, so we can build the right structure around our desired culture.

What outcomes do you normally see?

Ultimately, you should expect significant and impactful change. You’ll certainly have greater clarity, insight and focus. This will generate energy and momentum as well. You, and your church, will be transformed.

You can read testimonials from previous clients to get examples of what you could expect.

What are your most popular services?

Typically, many leaders value having my input and support as a coach as they navigate the challenges of their role. Corporately, churches want help with organisational alignment – they want their mission, vision, values/culture, structure and strategy clarified, aligned and in flow. More and more are seeking a Church Health Assessment as a review or check-in.

Is your coaching and consulting in-person or online?

It’s both. All my coaching and consulting processes are fully available in-person, and virtually. I use video call technology for individual and group calls and online tools for assessment and communication.

Virtual consulting is proving very popular due to the increased flexibility it offers for leaders schedules, and the lower financial costs due to the lack of travel and hospitality expenses.

Practically, what does church consulting look like?

Consulting can take many forms, depending on the service that is chosen. Some services are shorter and goal orientated, so these will be based around a number of sessions that move you forwards towards your goal.

Assessments take longer and involve various diagnostic tools, depending on the particular assessment. They could include interviews with key personnel, surveys for different groups within your church, and coaching sessions. In phase one, we will discover the health of your church. Phase two is the strategic planning phase, where we will develop an action plan that increases your church health in response to the assessment findings. During phase three, there will be coaching sessions to help you walk out and implement your plan.

Overall, completing the assessment and developing the strategic plan will take at most, two months.

Practically, what does leadership coaching look like?

Coaching is a process that is purpose-driven and present-focused. It takes the form of an adaptable program that works over a number of consistent 60-minute sessions, focusing on the goals you want to. We develop a plan that combines scriptural principles, the leading of the Holy Spirit and practical wisdom.

We work around your schedule, and build momentum over the session. These sessions will be focused on specific goals, and they will be orientated around developing a strategy for you to reach those goals.

What qualifies you as a consultant to work with our church?

I’ve been involved in successful church leadership at different levels and in different kinds of churches. I’ve led in churches in smaller, rural settings, medium-size urban settings, and larger city settings. I’ve been part of leadership teams in small churches (100 and under), medium-size churches (350-500) and larger megachurches (5000+).

I understand leadership dynamics in church and ministry, transition seasons, people dynamics, spiritual formation, and church structure and politics. I’m very familiar with subjects such as theology and organisational leadership that are relevant to church leaders. You can find out more about me and my story here.

How much does it cost?

For the outcomes you will get from working with me, it’s inexpensive. Typically, it costs more money and time to recruit a part-time member of staff that it does to engage my services.

Financially, I want to be a quality investment for a church and so I am committed to giving absurd value for money. Because each church is unique in size, context, and need, I right-size my pricing accordingly.

But if you have a specific budget in mind, I’m happy to send a proposal to fit your needs. Feel free to get in touch to talk further.

What do your previous clients say about you?

You can get references and examples of how I’ve worked with other clients, and what they say about me, by clicking here.

I help leaders build healthy churches

“Spirit-filled and practical”

ryan carson

“What makes Anthony’s gifting so unique is that he is able to provide so much help with organizational structure and strategic planning that is necessary to run a church organization, but is also so Spirit-filled and practical in what he shares.”

Ryan Carson
Founding Pastor, Mission Community Church, Charlotte, NC, USA

“Helped us align our mission, vision, culture, structure and strategy”

“Anthony helped us as a leadership team to think through, reconstruct and align our church mission, vision, culture, structure and strategy. He brought us positive challenges and we all benefited from his time with us.”

Andy Hole
Fusion Church, Morecombe, UK

Working with me will help you move your church forward.

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