15 Keys to Church Health: Community Clarity

15 Keys to Church Health: Community Clarity November 13, 2018
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This post is part of the series on 15 Keys to Church Health. This key is one of the Five Leadership Growth Engines Every Church Needs.

A healthy church has community clarity that helps people know the unique assignment God has given the church.

What is Community Clarity?

Community Clarity ensures that people in the church are clear on the mission, vision, values and plans of the church.

Why is Community Clarity important?

Awareness creates buy-in and unlocks ideas, giftings and people resources.

What does healthy Community Clarity bring to a church?

  1. It brings clarity for people to determine whether they want to be part of the spiritual community or not.
  2. It helps people identify what they are engaging with, and how they can best engage.
  3. It focuses the use of resources, time, energy and money
  4. It ensures leaders across every level are united and moving in the same direction.

What happens if Community Clarity is lacking?

Members do not know what they are signing up for, giving into, or serving towards, so could stop. There is also an increased risk of disunity as other, competing, ideas are proposed or embraced.

What helps develop Community Clarity?

  • Minimum annual communication of the mission, vision and values, and sharing of upcoming plans.
  • Written, publicly visible mission, vision and values statements in print and online.
  • Short, inspiring and memorable statements.
  • Senior and junior leadership unity and buy-in.
  • Mission, vision and values kept front and centre in church and ministry life.

How healthy is the Community Clarity of your church? Is it community orientated, as in, the church assignment is not just clear to leaders, but also to those not in a leadership role? Is it clear, as in, the mission, vision, values, structure and plans are transparent and accessible? To discover the health of your Community Clarity, as well as the other keys to church health, contact me today.

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