Personal Coaching

I help people grow so they can be all that they want to be.

Ppersonal coaching with me can help you:

1. Discover your personal mission

  • Answer the question ‘what is my purpose?’
  • Examine your personal story for keys and blockages to success

2. Advance into your prophetic destiny

  • Answer the question ‘what is my destiny?’
  • Identify prophetic themes and threads in their life

3. Develop your personal vision

  • Answer the question ‘where am I going?’
  • Connect mission, prophecy, and vision

4. Identify and maximize the opportunities around them

  • Answer the question ‘what do I have?’
  • Discover the growth opportunities around them

5. Grow an effective personal culture

  • Answer the question ‘what should I grow?’
  • Use vision to identify specific values needed for success

6. Build a healthy personal infrastructure

  • Answer the question ‘what should I build?’
  • Use vision and values to highlight key skills & knowledge needed for success

7. Create an effective strategy for personal transformation

  • Answer the question ‘what should I do?’
  • Develop an action plan that leads to growth and change

How does coaching work?

I understand all people are different, so I don’t operate a one-size-fits-all approach. All coaching is customizable to your specific needs so you may be interested in one, some or all of the above seven stages.

I offer email, phone, video-call or face-to-face meetings, and can work with all budgets and situations.

For more information, contact me for a free consultation. You can also sign up to receive my coaching articles here.


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