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Essential Perspectives
Three Focuses of Coaching

Sometimes, you can be a leader and yet feel stuck. Nothing seems to work. There is an ongoing cycle of frustration, with no clear way forward.

When something doesn’t seem right in life, it’s wise to take a moment and assess what’s going on.

The results help you plan your next steps. There may be changes that need to take place. But you can resume on the path towards your vision, with fresh momentum and renewed passion.

Leadership Coaching will help you:

  • assess your leadership context today

  • discover personal or organisational issues that are impacting your situation

  • unlock momentum to make change and move forward

This process uses powerful tools, prophetic insight and practical discernment to assess key factors in your situation.

“Intelligent, personable and has an ability to get to the heart of issues and problems”

“Anthony’s grasp of the art, science and practicality of personal development is what first drew me to him. He is intelligent, personable and has an ability to get to the heart of issues and problems. Whether consulting or coaching, his desire is to see people achieve their full potential. I have no doubt that he will be a great benefit to many as they pursue personal growth and increase.”

Paul Manwaring, Senior Leader at Bethel Redding and Awakening Europe, UK / USA

Paul Manwaring

1. You’ll learn how well your personal mission, vision, culture, structure and strategy work together.

2. Maximise essential areas of successful living

3. Develop keys to shape your life.

Discover what is really impacting you.

“Blew me away and gave me the clarity I was looking for.”

“I asked Anthony to do a coaching session with me because I was stuck at a particular crossroads regarding career options. Let me tell you, Anthony blew me away and gave me the clarity that I was looking for. Needless to say, I believe that Anthony is particularly gifted and I highly encourage you to make use of his services.”

Ryan Hofacre, Entrepreneur 

Ryan Hofacre

What To Expect

I provide a full and thorough service that provides a number of coaching options to discover the reality of your situation and identify the way forward.

Pastoral Coaching

Leadership Coaching will give you a customised and dynamic strategic plan for your next steps, full of powerful insights and discoveries that will empower you to make the right changes, right now.

Strategic Plan For Church Growth

Throughout the coaching process, your personalised plan will grow as you grow, helping you continually discover, decide, design and deliver the changes you want

“Anthony is wise, full of practical insight, and not afraid to tell you what you really need to hear.”

“Anthony is a great listener and asks the right questions. He has a simple and effective structure that brings clarity of purpose, vision, and mission. After the first two meetings, I was able to take a closer look at the long list of things I thought I was supposed to be doing and focus my energy on what really matters. He is wise, full of practical insight and not afraid to tell you what you really need to hear.”

Niyi Adereti, Pastor

Niyi Adereti

Learn what is true today so you can shape tomorrow

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Leadership Coaching with me will help move you forward.

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