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church health check

Take a Church Health Check to see the current level of health of your church, and recommendations for what to do next.

What You Can Learn

Discover the overall health of your church based on key areas of performance, giving you a snapshot of your current reality.

Stages of Church Growth

Gain insight into your church’s unique journey, highlighting what needs to change to help take you to the next level.

15 Keys

Access data around fifteen key areas of church life, independent of each other yet interconnected. Learn why things are the way they are, with information showing you what is happening ‘under the hood’ of your church.

Ministry Assessment

Come away with a clear plan for church health and growth, one that is strategic, practical, and simple to follow.

What You’ll Receive 

  • One Church Health Assessment report
  • A Comprehensive PDF Report detailing some of the following (depending on your selection):
    • Your Church Health score – the overall health of your church
    • Your Organisational, Spiritual, and Leadership Health scores – the three pillars of church health
    • Your 15 Key Areas scores – individual ratings in each of the 15 keys to church health
    • Your Strengths and Weaknesses – top scoring and lowest scoring aspects of church life
    • Your Strategic Plan  – specific recommendations for your church so it can increase its health
    • Your Team or Group Submissions – give your leaders a voice so they can bring their perspective to your assessment too
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