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Three Ways We Choose Limiting Beliefs
5 Ways Your Story Sets You Up For Success
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Church Leadership Blogs

There are a lot of church coaching and leadership blogs out there. But I really believe I give excellent content, covering organisational and spiritual leadership. So I want to make it simple for you to receive the right content from me, relevant to what you are looking for in your leadership.

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free church health assessment

Use these FREE tools to discover how healthy your church is across multiple areas, with recommendations for next steps to take. Each free church health assessment shown here will give you a clear outline to clarify where your church is at today and determine what your next steps are towards increasing your overall church health.

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keys to church growth

Keys to Church Health unpacks each of the three aspects of church health and examines the related keys to church growth. It offers specific, strategic advice church leaders can follow in identifying and addressing church unhealthiness and increase church health.

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Developing a Personal Prophetic Culture

Hearing the Heart of Heaven is an exploration of the Biblical prophetic gifts. Full of accessible teaching, practical tips and helpful examples, this book will help you develop your own personal prophetic culture.

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