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Is Your Church Government Biblical?

Is Your Church Government Biblical? June 22, 2020Leave a comment
church government

This post on church government and governance structure and models is a landing page for other posts related to this subject that go into much more depth scripturally and practically. You can find those links at the end of this post.

How should the church be governed? Should we have leaders? What should and shouldn’t they do? Who decides? How do you protect against dictatorships whilst allowing those called by God to actually lead? Are your choice of current governance models limited to Presbyterian, Congregational or Episcopal? Or are there other structures?

Our church government can actually help or hinder the work of God. So how do we identify what the scriptures actually show us, and then implement it in our own contexts?

Some posts that will help answer these questions can be found below:

To see a visual demonstration and read a summary of my view of biblical church government, read:

To see a shorter and specifically practical article saying why organic structure is key to church health, with tips on how to do it, read:

To read a more in-depth and theological answer to the question ‘what is the purpose of church government’, you can read:

The New Testament distinguishes between two types of church leadership roles which I unpack and contrast in further detail. You can read them here:

An area of confusion often exists around church boards, councils and trustees. What are they, what do they do, and who should be on them? You can find out more here:

The fivefold ministry appears throughout the New Testament. These roles are misunderstood and either over-prioritised and elevated, or overlooked and dismissed. Both of these are errors. You can read more about the fivefold ministry, and how each role serves church governance models and structure here:

Finally, you can take one of my free church assessments to gain valuable insights into the impact of your current church government structure. You can find those assessments here.

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