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"Anthony Hilder has been a truly valuable asset as a consultant to our leadership team and board."

Paul Swearengin, River Church, Fresno CA

What Church Leaders Have To Say

"Anthony has a unique perspective in providing churches counsel as to their organisational health. Not only does he have very comprehensive and diagnostic tools to assess current positions, but he also incorporates a prophetic understanding into his assessments. He knows how to provide feedback in a very positive light, where changes are easily embraced and welcomed. His services have proven invaluable to us and we are currently implementing his suggestions. We look forward to a continued
relationship and highly recommend his services to help bring health into your

Tammie White, Senior Leader, Life Center NYC

“Anthony has a unique perspective of understanding both the business world and God’s kingdom principles. We hosted Anthony for a leadership conference, where he demonstrated real prophetic insight, deep Biblical understanding, practical application, and tools for transforming organisational culture.”

David Hino, Senior Pastor, The Light Christian Fellowship, Signal Hill, CA

"After meeting with Anthony for one day, my team is more focused and on the same page. We are still assimilating all that we learned but I can honestly say that his teaching is already proving to be invaluable."

Nancy Body, Senior Pastor, Grace of God, Dinuba CA

"Anthony spent some time in our church helping with systems and strategic planning. All of this led to us being less encumbered, and more able to fulfil our vision."

Dallas Freeman, Senior Leader, Wave Church, Noosa, Queensland, Australia

Church Consulting Process

My process will give you perspective and equip you with tools so you can move forwards with clarity.

1. Assess Organisational Health

Get a picture of how healthy your church is in five areas – missionally, visionally, culturally, structurally & strategically.

2. Assess Spiritual Health

Learn how healthy your church is spiritually, in five areas – apostolically, prophetically, evangelistically, pastorally and in teaching.

3. Assess Leadership Health

Discover how healthy five key growth areas are in your church – discipleship, member clarity, engagement, stewardship, and team.

4. Complete Ministry Review

Find out the health of core ministries in your church.

5. Identify Strengths & Weaknesses

See a snapshot of your church’s strongest and weakest areas.

6. Design a Strategic Plan

Be equipped with a strategic plan, enabling you to move forward with momentum.

church consulting


Churches are different, and a one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t get you “where you want to be”. Consulting will give you an instant insight on areas you need to address, and practical solutions to move forward.

Consultation with me prepares you to grow your church, strengthen your team and congregation, confidently articulate your church mission and vision, create the best fit in terms of culture and structure, and design the strategic steps essential to experience the fullness of your church calling.


To find out more about church consulting, please take two minutes to fill out this form. I will contact you to make sure consultation is the right fit for your goals.

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What change would you most like to see?

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How would working with me help you?


What does the consultancy process look like, practically?

Together, we will consider what areas of church health to focus on. Typically we will begin with using one of my online assessment tools, which will involve surveying key leaders you identify. As this assessment clarifies the church health, I will share observations and make recommendations for specific strategic steps to take to address anything that arises. This process can be conducted via phone, video-call or site visits at your church.

As a consultant, what do you bring to the process?

I know the church world; I have been in a variety of ministry leadership roles – paid and unpaid – in small, medium, large and megachurch settings for over twenty years and have experienced success in ministry. I have overseen churches and church leadership teams and spoken into situations when churches have been in every stage of health, whether they were just starting, growing, plateauing, planting, running multi-site, stagnating, transitioning, or rebooting. My background in business brings focus and clarity to many organisational aspects and due to my studies and experience teaching theologically and practically, you won’t only get theory from me. Everything will be biblical, spiritual and practical.

Where should our church expect to end up?

Transformed. I expect you to have greater focus and momentum, and clear ideas, new energy and deeper understanding of all you need to do to see success.