Helping Churches Grow.

Church consulting identifies where you are today, where you want to go,  and how to get there.

All churches are in one form of transition, whether that is missional, visional, cultural, structural or strategic. They are asking big questions like “What’s our vision?” “How do we improve what we do?” or “What do we do next?” They are searching for clarity, momentum, and results.

Many church assessment and strategic planning methods spend more time focusing on the next steps than they do on the current challenges. This misses crucial information that makes a difference in correctly identifying wise next steps.

I do church assessment and strategic planning differently because I connect them – one without the other is flawed. I believe that if we spend the time discovering where we are today and why we are here, our strategy to shape our tomorrow will be built on a more effective foundation.

If your church needs alignment, focus, impetus and growth, consulting with me can help you.

Church Consulting will help you to:

Discover what is holding your church back

Redefine, reconnect and realign to your apostolic mission and prophetic vision

Clarify the values and culture essential to your success

Determine the best staffing, structure and systems for your needs

Develop genuine fivefold ministry that makes a difference

Design an effective strategy to move you forward

What’s the change you’ve always wanted to see?

The Consulting Process:


Where are you now?


Where do you want to be?


What do you need to do differently?


How are you going to do it?

What Other Leaders Have To Say

“Anthony’s grasp of the art, science and practicality of organisational leadership is what first drew me to him. He is intelligent, personable and has an ability to get to the heart of issues and problems. Whether consulting or coaching, his desire is to see organisations and people achieve their full potential. I have no doubt that he will be a great benefit to many as they pursue personal and organisational growth and increase.”

Paul Manwaring – Senior Leader at Bethel Redding and Awakening Europe

Paul Manwaring

“I highly recommend Anthony Hilder to you. He will bless your organisation with insightful, advancing teaching. He is particularly skilled in working with leadership teams to identify and remedy constraints that hinder their organisation’s health and influence. Anthony is a gift to anyone who works with him!

Steve Backlund, Senior Associate Director, Global Legacy, Redding CA

“Just one day with Anthony Hilder will totally revolutionise your thinking as an organisational leader or leadership team. His insights into organisational health, structure and strategic planning were so insightful. I was amazed at how quickly he discerned our needs and how he was able to give us both the tools and the understanding that we need to increase our organisational health as well as our strength as a leadership team. I have no hesitation in recommending Anthony to you. ”

Andy Robinson, Senior Leader, Kings Church Horsham, UK

Paul Swearengin

“Anthony has been a truly valuable asset as a consultant to the leadership team and board of directors at The River and as a personal coach to me. Our team is operating together at a higher level than ever and all of our all key performance indicators are up!”

Paul Swearengin, Senior Leader, River Church, Fresno CA
Board Member, River Network of Churches

“What makes Anthony’s ability so unique is that he is able to provide so much help with organizational structure and strategic planning that is necessary to run an organization, but is also so insightful and practical in what he shares.”

Ryan & Bethany Carson, Leaders, Mission Church, Charlotte NC

“Anthony has a unique perspective in providing churches counsel as to their organisational health. Not only does he have very comprehensive and diagnostic tools to assess current positions, but he also incorporates a prophetic understanding into his assessments. He knows how to provide feedback in a very positive light, where changes are easily embraced and welcomed. His services have proven invaluable to us and we are currently implementing his suggestions. We look forward to a continued
relationship and highly recommend his services to help bring health into your

Tammie White, Senior Leader, Life Center NYC

“Anthony has a unique perspective of understanding both the business world and God’s kingdom principles. We hosted Anthony for a leadership conference, where he demonstrated real prophetic insight, deep Biblical understanding, practical application, and tools for transforming organisational culture.”

David Hino, Senior Pastor, The Light Christian Fellowship, Signal Hill, CA

David Hino
Nancy Boyd

“After meeting with Anthony for one day, my team is more focused and on the same page. We are still assimilating all that we learned but I can honestly say that his teaching is already proving to be invaluable.”

Nancy Body, Senior Pastor, Grace of God, Dinuba CA

“Anthony spent some time in our church helping with systems and strategic planning. All of this led to us being less encumbered, and more able to fulfil our vision.”

Dallas Freeman, Senior Leader, Wave Church, Noosa, Queensland, Australia

Dallas Freeman
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To find out more about tailored consulting services especially for your church, let's start a conversation. You can schedule a free 15-minute video-call, or send me an email.