Church Assessments

A church assessment tool gives a picture of the overall health of your church. All of my Assessments are conducted online and I offer three types of whole Church Assessments – Free, Standard, and Premier. There are also individual assessments covering a variety of aspects of church life.

As an example of what you would receive, you can download a sample Premier Church Health Assessment report.

premier health check

The most popular service. Incorporating almost all the assessments listed here, this comprehensive assessment covers all aspects of your church. Learn your church’s organisational, spiritual and leadership health, individual ministry health, strongest and weakest areas, and receive a full strategic plan including a thorough identification of the right steps to take next.

Standard Church Health Assessment

Discover your church’s overall health in three key aspects – organisationally, spiritually and leadership. Includes the Alignment and Spiritual Health Assessments.

Church Alignment Health

Review your church’s mission, vision, culture, structure, and strategy & learn if they are in alignment, working for or against your church’s plans and purposes.

Spiritual Health Assessment

Discover the spiritual health of your church, using the fivefold ministry expressions of Christ – apostolic, prophetic, evangelistic, pastoral and teaching.

Visional Assessment

Learn where your church’s current momentum will lead you, and if that is where you truly need to go.

Structural Assessment

Determine the best organisational systems and structure to serve your vision and culture and prepare for future growth.

Cultural Assessment

Identify aspects of your church culture that are actual, aspirational, helping and hindering your vision – and how to address them.

Missional Assessment

Discover your church’s unique apostolic purpose – and how well you are functioning in it.

Strategic Assessment

Analyze the focus of your church strategy in bringing your mission, vision, culture, and structure into reality.

Team Assessment

Assess your team’s strengths and weaknesses, team culture, personality drivers and ministry lenses.

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Basic Church Health Score
Comprehensive Church Health Score
Health Score Result Explained
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Organisational Health Assessment Available
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Pre & Post Assessment Consultation Session
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Missional Assessment Available
Visional Assessment Available
Cultural Assessment Available
Structural Assessment Available
Strategic Assessment Available
Spiritual Health Assessment Available
Leadership Health Assessment
Church Ministries Assessment
Strengths & Weaknesses Assessment
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