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Sep 30, 2021


Healthy Church Alignment

Increasing the organisational health of your church

A FREE live webinar to equip your church with tools to align your mission, vision, culture, structure and strategy for greater momentum

Christian leadership training

Clarify purpose

Christian leadership training

Steer into vision

Christian leadership training

Create culture

Christian leadership training

Lifebringing structure

SEPTEMBER 30, 2021

christian leadership training

10.00-11.00 GMT
20.00-21.00 GMT

christian leadership training

Organisational Health

A FREE live webinar to equip you to bring five keys areas of your church organisational health into alignment

Thriving churches are aligned. Struggling churches aren’t.

If your mission, vision, culture, structure, and strategy aren’t aligned then your ministry impact will be inhibited.

Alignment starts with clarity. Clarity of purpose and of destination. Clarity on the corporate beliefs and actions needed to get there. Clarity on the systems and framework that best facilitate that. Clarity on the steps to take to make it happen.

Join me for this webinar and you’ll be equipped to:

  • Assess the organisational alignment of your church
  • Pinpoint any unalignment
  • Understand why mission must shape vision, and not vice versa
  • See why culture is your real growth engine
  • Learn the difference between a structure that inhibits, and a structure that brings life

In this FREE 60 minute webinar, Anthony Hilder looks at the principles and insights you need to bring greater organisational alignment to your church which will lead to greater impact and momentum.


Short, sharp and smart training. Interactive and involving.


Clear, to the point, and purposeful, with a focus on tangible and practical benefits and outcomes

Organisational Alignment

christian leadership training

This online Christian leadership training will equip you to:

  • Discover five key areas of church organisational health
  • Understand the principle of organisational alignment
  • Identify your current state of alignment
  • Develop a strategy for increasing the alignment health of your church

What Others Have To Say

“Spirit-filled and practical”

ryan carson

“What makes Anthony’s gifting so unique is that he is able to provide so much help with organizational structure and strategic planning that is necessary to run a church organization, but is also so Spirit-filled and practical in what he shares.”

Ryan Carson
Founding Pastor, Mission Community Church, Charlotte, NC, USA

“Provided wisdom, safety and structure”

“Anthony guided us through a process and provided wisdom, safety, and structure, helping to facilitate and guide us towards a healthy conclusion. We clearly valued his thought-out and systematic approach. His Leadership Leanings assessment brought real insight to me and my team about our dynamics, gaps, functions, motivations, and interactions.”

Haydon & Alison Murr
The Well Community Church, London, UK

Webinar FAQs

Will there be a replay of the webinar if I can't make one of the live showings?

If you’ve registered, yes. A day or two after the webinar, you’ll get an email with a link to a video reply. It will be available for two weeks.

Once registered, can I share my link with my team?

Sure! In fact, please do! However, only people who have registered will receive the notes and video replay. The best thing is to get your team to register themselves.

Are there any notes?

Yes. If you are registered, you’ll receive a PDF of the slides used in the webinar.

How much does this webinar cost?

Nothing – it’s a free event.

Is there anything I should do before the webinar?

If you haven’t already, you’ll need to install Zoom. You can do that by going HERE.

Where do I direct my other questions?

You can email

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