15 Keys to Church Health: Administrative Excellence

15 Keys to Church Health: Administrative Excellence November 13, 2018
Church Administration

This post is part of the series on 15 Keys to Church Health. This key is one of the Five Leadership Growth Engines Every Church Needs.

A healthy church has administrative excellence to ensure it efficiently manages the resources God has given it.

What is Administrative Excellence?

Efficient and effective processes and stewardship of resources. Administrative Excellence measures of the efficiency of how well the church manages its resources, whether time, energy, people or money.

Why is Administrative Excellence important?

God has given us all we need for success in this current season, so using it well is key.

What does healthy Administrative Excellence bring to a church?

  1. Ordered and effectively managed serving opportunities
  2. Clear, frequent and effective communications
  3. Key notices and information readily available for people through different methods
  4. Leaders have easy access to available resources as needed

What happens if Administrative Excellence is lacking?

Resources are wasted or things are done in such a way that the work of ministry is hindered instead of helped. Bureaucracy, delay or disorganisation are norms.

What helps develop Administrative Excellence?

  • A willingness and flexibility to change as and when God speaks, no matter the cost or effort.
  • A well-designed and regularly updated website.
  • Use of church management software, social media and email list providers.
  • Clear and robust budget process connected that lines up with visional and strategic priorities.
  • Administratively gifted people are seen as leaders and given room to bring organisation where needed, supported by other leaders.

How healthy is the Administrative Excellence of your church? Is it administrative, as in, there is clear leadership and management thinking in your systems and processes that proactively steward, coordinate and deploy resources? Is it excellent, as in, effective, efficient, easy and accessible? To discover the health of your Administrative Excellence, as well as the other keys to church health, contact me today.

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