I help leaders and churches grow through coaching and consulting so they can be all that they want to be

To accomplish my mission, I embrace specific core values.

I want to see change and transformation as much as you do, so won’t waste your time, energy or money.

It’s your life, not mine, so I will focus on what you want to see and help you get it.

I will be honest with you at all times, about what is good and what is not-so-good!

I will stick to what I am good at, and refer you to those better than me if necessary.

I’m a husband, father, leader, teacher, speaker, writer, thinker, coach, and consultant with a background in business, church leadership, organizational consultancy and life coaching. I’m passionate about seeing people and organizations fulfill their unique purpose, and I love to partner with them in developing the knowledge, beliefs, and skills they need. You can find more about my personal coaching here and consulting here.



  • Over twenty years in marketplace and church leadership roles.
  • Six years in the corporate banking arm of one of the UK’s major banks.
  • Four years in full-time local church leadership & pastoral ministry, including theological training.
  • Successful Life Coach for over ten years.
  • A graduate of Bethel School of Ministry three year program.
  • Successful Internship with a member of the Senior Leadership Team of Bethel Church, Redding.
  • Teacher of Theology, Bible and Leadership Skills to Bethel School of Ministry First, Second & Third Year ministry school students.
  • Three years as C.O.O. and Associate Pastor, as part of the Senior Leadership Team of Global Legacy, Bethel Church’s Apostolic Network, with strategic, operational and church coaching oversight.

You can connect with me here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need church consultancy or personal coaching with you?

Are you clear on the one thing you are made to do?
Do you know the journey you are meant to walk?
Are you growing the internal character needed to get you to the destination you want?
Do you know how to build the structure to support not only the culture you need but the direction you are headed?
Have you identified and maximized the full capacity of all the resources around you?
Do you know the short, medium and long-term strategic steps to take as you continue on your journey?
If the answer is ‘no’ to any of these questions, then I can help you if you get in touch.

Where should we expect to end up?

Transformed. I expect you to have greater focus and momentum, and clear ideas, new energy and deeper understanding of all you need to do to see success.

What does the coaching/consultancy process look like, practically?

In some ways, however you want, depending on your unique need and circumstances.
For coaching, together we will identify the coaching area or areas you want to work on and begin an agreed number of regular meetings to discuss and determine steps to be taken. Each session will start with a review, move into strategizing together, and end with an agreement for action. These connections can be conducted via email, phone, video-call or face-to-face meetings.
For consultancy, together we will consider what area or areas of organizational health to focus on. Typically we’ll begin with an assessment of that area, which may or may not involve surveying key leaders you identify to me. As we clarify the church health, I will share observations and make recommendations for specific action steps to take to address anything that arises. This process can be conducted via a combination of email, phone, video-call or site visits at your church.
If you would like to talk more about coaching or consultancy, feel free to contact me.

Will you do a congregational survey?

No. I don’t think they are beneficial as not everyone surveyed in them has the unique perspective being in leadership offers, or the right maturity or organizational commitment to bring value to the process. Leaders should shape the consultancy process because ideally leaders are committed to the long-term health of the organization. The process impact is magnified when other key leaders are involved so I will recommend that a senior leaders survey is conducted when looking to assess your church.

What qualifies you to work with our church?

I know the world; I’ve been in a variety of ministry leadership roles – paid and unpaid – in small, medium, large and megachurch settings for over twenty years and have experienced success in ministry. I’ve overseen churches and church leadership teams, and spoken into situations when churches were starting; growing; plateauing, stagnating; transitioning; and rebooting. As you can see from my resume, I’ve worked in business so I will bring focus and clarity to many organizational aspects. However, I’ve also studied and taught theologically and practically so you won’t only get theory from me; everything will be biblical, spiritual and practical.

How much does it cost?

It depends on what you want and how you want it! Naturally, email or online coaching/consultancy is cheaper than face-to-face coaching or site visits. It also depends on the coaching aspects or consultancy areas you want. The question really is ‘what are you most in need of?’ Naturally, a full, organizational health assessment report with observations and recommendations across five areas will be more expensive than one session around one aspect but I can work with any budget and any situation – simply contact me and we can start a conversation.

Want to learn more?