I help leaders impact their tomorrow, today.

My Journey

I’m originally from the United Kingdom – England to be precise. I have served organisations across the UK and Europe, USA and Canada, South Africa, and Australia and New Zealand.

I’ve worked for over twenty years in business and church leadership roles.

I spent six years in the corporate banking arm of one of the UK’s major banks.

For four years, I was in local church leadership & pastoral ministry roles with two Newfrontiers churches. During this time I studied their theological and biblical training programmes.

I hold a Diploma in Life Coaching, the skills of which I’ve used in professional and personal settings for over ten years.

I’ve graduated the three-year Bethel School of Ministry program. The third year is an internship, and I was chosen to be mentored by Paul Manwaring, a member of the Senior Leadership Team of Bethel Church, Redding.

After my internship, I was hired by Bethel and spent three years as C.O.O. and Associate Pastor of Global Legacy, Bethel’s apostolic network.  My role involved strategic, operational, training and church coaching oversight. I worked with a number of church leaders in many nations, and across different denominations and networks, bringing coaching, support and assistance to them in their role.

Additionally, I was part of the Bethel Ministry School teaching team, where I mentored and taught Bible, theology and leadership skills to first, second and third-year students.

To get a sample of what I can offer you, you can find out about some of my FREE assessments here.


Why do I need consultancy or coaching with you?

  • Are you clear on the one thing you are made to do?
  • Do you know the journey you are meant to walk?
  • Are you growing the internal mentality needed to get you to the destination you want?
  • Do you know how to build the structure to support not only the mindset you need but the direction you are headed?
  • Have you identified and maximized the full capacity of all the resources around you?
  • Do you know the short, medium and long-term strategic steps to take as you continue on your journey?

If the answer is ‘no’ to any of these questions, then I can help you if you get in touch.

Where should I expect to end up?

Transformed. I expect you to have greater focus and momentum, and clear ideas, new energy and deeper understanding of all you need to do to see success.

What does the coaching/consultancy process look like, practically?

In some ways, however you want, depending on your unique need and circumstances.

For coaching, together we will identify the coaching area or areas you want to work on and begin an agreed number of regular meetings to discuss and determine steps to be taken. Each session will start with a review, move into strategizing together, and end with an agreement for action. These connections can be conducted via email, phone, video-call or face-to-face meetings.

For consultancy, together we will consider what area or areas of organisational health to focus on. Typically we’ll begin with an assessment of that area, which may or may not involve surveying key leaders you identify to me. As the organisational health is clarified, I will share observations and make recommendations for specific action steps to take to address anything that arises. This process can be conducted via a combination of email, phone, video-call or site visits at your organisation.

If you would like to talk more about coaching or consultancy, feel free to contact me.

What qualifies you to work with me or my organisation?

I know the world; I have been in a variety of management and leadership roles – paid and unpaid – in small, medium and large settings for over twenty years and have experienced success in ministry and business.

I have overseen organisations and management teams and have spoken into situations when organisations were starting, growing, plateauing, stagnating, transitioning, planting, and rebooting. This gives me experience and insight with teams and organisational life-cycles that benefit any church or business. As you can see from my journey, I worked in business so will bring focus and clarity to many organisational aspects.

Additionally, I’ve also studied theology and taught students so have developed excellent communication and teaching skills. Because I am a very practical thinker, you won’t only get theory from me; everything will be beneficial, relevant and practical.