6 Reasons Why Your Church Strategy Must Be Dynamic

6 Reasons Why Your Church Strategy Must Be Dynamic August 5, 20175 Comments
Church Strategy

Our church strategy must answer the key question ‘what is your church doing next?’

Our mission is our overarching purpose, and the vision is the mission incarnated. Our culture and our structure together generate the environment that hosts growth and movement. But the church strategy must bring it all together into defined, measurable steps.

Planning is important, but plans for plan’s sake are not. Plans without a sense of prioritization lead to chaos and lack of planning will result in us reacting to the urgent instead of pursuing the important. Strategy helps us determine our short, medium and long-term goals, targets and objectives. It is the plotting of the course towards the destination we want to arrive at.

A strategy that is non-existent or ever-changing will lead to wasted time, energy and money. In contrast, when a church strategy is dynamic, there are a number of benefits:

1. A dynamic strategy provides a platform for powerful and effective ministry assessment and review.

2. A dynamic strategy keeps the mission front and centre in church life.

3. A dynamic strategy turns the vision into practical, grounded steps.

4. A dynamic strategy shapes the transformative process of organisational values becoming personal lifestyles.

5. A dynamic strategy streamlines the incremental steps needed each season for any necessary change of structure.

6. A dynamic church strategy ensures that the church not only has momentum but that it is based on smart decision-making.

Church strategy is one key aspect we need to ensure is a strength, but it isn’t the only one – you can discover the other aspects of a healthy church here.

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