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A specialist in personal and organisational strategic planning.

I am a husband, father, leader, teacher, speaker, writer, thinker, coach, and consultant with a background in business, church leadership, organisational consultancy and life coaching. I’m passionate about seeing people and organisations fulfill their unique purpose, and partnering with them in developing the mentality, skills, and practices they need to succeed.

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Harness your personal potential by discovering, transforming and aligning your purpose, direction, values, systems, and goals.

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Harness your church’s potential by discovering, transforming and aligning your mission, vision, culture, structure, and strategy.

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What leaders had to say...

“What makes Anthony's gifting so unique is that he is able to provide so much help with organizational structure and strategic planning that is necessary to run a church organization, but is also so Spirit-filled and Spirit-led in what he shares."
— Ryan & Bethany Carson, Mission Church, Charlotte
"I highly recommend Anthony Hilder's ministry to you. He will bless your ministry with insightful, kingdom advancing teaching, but he is also very gifted in working with leadership teams to identify and remedy constraints that hinder their church's health and influence. Anthony is a gift to the body of Christ."
— Steve Backlund, Senior Associate Director, Global Legacy, Redding CA
"Anthony has been a truly valuable asset as a consultant to the leadership team and board of directors at The River and as a personal coach to me. Our team is operating together at a higher level than ever and our all church indicators are up - giving, attendance, and joy with one another."
— Paul Swearengin, River Church, Fresno CA

Anthony's grasp of supernatural, biblical and practical things, particularly in the context of organisational leadership, is what first drew me to him. He is intelligent, personable and has an ability to get to the heart of issues and problems. Whether consulting or coaching, his desire is to see organisations and people achieve their full God-given potential. I have no doubt that he will be a great benefit to many as they pursue personal and organisational growth and increase.

Paul Manwaring - Senior Leader at Bethel Church Redding and Awakening Europe

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