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I help leaders build healthy churches

Consulting and coaching that changes your tomorrow by changing your today

I will help you:

Clarify your mission, vision & strategy

Grow a culture that reflects who you want to be

Develop effective systems and structures

Resolve issues causing disengagement

Empower and equip your teams

Strengthen your leadership

See what others have to say:

“We successfully walked through some major transitions”

markus ehrich

“Anthony is a leader of leaders with an anointing to give godly counsel and accurate assessments. He bought clear, focused direction to help us pursue our mission, vision and purpose. His influence helped steer us in the right direction and led to personal growth in all our leaders. I valued his input in my life which was instrumental for our church to successfully walk through some major transitions.”

Markus Ehrich
Word Life Center, Stratford, NJ, USA

“Amazed at how quickly he identified our needs”

“Just one day with Anthony will totally revolutionise your thinking as a church leader or leadership team. His understanding of church health, structure and strategic planning were so insightful. I was amazed at how quickly he identified our needs and how he was able to give us both the tools and the understanding that we needed to increase our church health as well as our strength as a leadership team. His Leadership Leanings assessment brought amazing insight into our team dynamics, which are really important to understand – particularly the effect different individuals can have on a team, its culture and ultimately performance.”

Andy Robinson
Lifespring, Horsham, UK

How I help you get healthy

organisational alignment

Clarify, integrate and align your mission, vision, culture, structure and strategy.

spiritual health

Assess and strengthen your spiritual formation ministries with clear next steps.

Leadership Coaching

Understand and unlock leadership gifts around you and become more effective.

strat plan

A custom plan to move you forward, tailored to your needs, resources and vision.

Church Health Check

Church Health Check

Where is your church really at?

Use this FREE tool to discover how healthy your church is across multiple areas, with recommendations for next steps to take.

"Anthony is intelligent, personable and has an ability to get to the heart of church issues and problems."

"Anthony's grasp of the art, science and practicality of church leadership is what first drew me to him. He is intelligent, personable and has an ability to get to the heart of church issues and problems. Whether consulting with churches or coaching leaders, his desire is to see them achieve their full potential. I have no doubt that he will be a great benefit to many as they pursue increased health, growth and increase."

Paul Manwaring, Senior Leader at Bethel Redding and Awakening Europe

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I help leaders build healthy churches.

Working with me will help you move your church forward.

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